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Charlie gard case thread 2

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Fancythat69 Sat 08-Jul-17 20:22:02

The last thread is full, Not sure if another has been started.

Theres a CA rally at GOSH planned for tomorrow. What are these people on?

SilverLining17 Sat 08-Jul-17 20:27:10

They've also suggested that the family put cameras and recorders in charlie's room and called GOSH 'nothing more than servants'

GabsAlot Sat 08-Jul-17 20:30:46

rally? to do what

this is gettin ridiculous

why do they insist he looks well hes bloated thats not well

PlaidMaid Sat 08-Jul-17 20:30:58

Copied over from the last page of the previous thread...

This is also my first time posting on the subject but I've been following it closely. Sorry if this has already been discussed but what is the best outcome for Connie and Chris if Charlie is allowed the treatment? Say he does improve by the 10% they're claiming, what's the long term prognosis? A 90% chance of no improvement doesn't sound like much at all. So do they truly think Charlie will grow up and be completely recovered? Or do they expect him to remain profoundly disabled and... what? Care for him at home? Would they have the physical and emotional support required to do that? Or would he remain in the care of GOSH indefinitely? Presumably his life expectancy will still be quite short even with this treatment and the possible 10% improvement?

Sorry there's lots of questions there! It seems the whole focus is on the fight to get Charlie the treatment with no thought given to what happens afterwards, let alone what poor little Charlie may be experiencing in the meantime...

mydogisthebest Sat 08-Jul-17 20:31:34

I am really struggling to feel sympathy for the parents especially the mum and I do feel awful for saying that.

It's always about them now. "Oh the pastor wasn't allowed in because GOSH don't care about mine and Chris' wishes". Nothing about Charlie. Are they blind that they can't see the condition he is in?

I wonder what the doctors and nurses think about them. I wouldn't be surprised if they are rude if not abusive to the medical team.

I am also disgusted that the mum and some of the family are encouraging the barmies. The majority of the posts on their page are not just completely idiotic but also incredibly rude to the nurses and doctors.

Also on the GOSH facebook page a lot of the barmies are posting, again rude insulting posts. If anyone dares to disagree with them they are immediately insulted and told they are a disgrace.

Their favourite saying to anyone that doesn't agree with them is "I bet you haven't got children". So if you haven't got children you can't possibly have any feelings.

If disagreeing posters say that actually they do have children they get told they are wicked, not fit to be mothers, should have their children taken away.

I keep reporting posts to facebook but, of course, they are not interested.

CaveMum Sat 08-Jul-17 20:32:11

Thanks for the new thread.

I am so sorry for Charlie's parents having to go through every parent's worst nightmare, but they are (and have been for a while) seriously in denial. This American nutjob pastor is just bizarre - what good can it achieve?

Quite frankly it's all starting to look more like a "Hello" photo shoot.

Poor Charlie.

LapinR0se Sat 08-Jul-17 20:35:02

I would like to follow the discussion so am joining in.
I haven't got much of value to add right now but I do think GOSH evidence on Monday will be extremely interesting and should help to quash some of the utter nonsense CA are coming out with.

stitchglitched Sat 08-Jul-17 20:36:58

I just commented on the last thread at how shocked I was at how much he has swollen up and deteriorated just in the last few days. Can his parents really not see it? I don't understand how they can both remain so blinkered. Are they spurring each other on? Usually at least one person in a partnership would be more realistic. And dragging a militantly pro life pastor into a place where there are other vulnerable patients and devastated families, who are also having to make heartbreaking life and death decisions, is bloody awful.

MusicForTheJiltedGeneration Sat 08-Jul-17 20:38:06

Is the "rally" a Thunderclap rally?

That's what it possibly looks like so it will basically be a mass tweet/FB post at the time/date mentioned.

ItsNachoCheese Sat 08-Jul-17 20:39:03

I sincerely hope that common sense and decency prevails on monday and charlie is allowed to pass with dignity and not as part of a freakish circus

londonrach Sat 08-Jul-17 20:40:09

Poor charlie. That last photo.. he looked very ill. Was v shocked to see it. I can understand why his family is fighting but that can you move him.

Sashkin Sat 08-Jul-17 20:40:12

Some of the Huns' "parent rights" stuff definitely has a Roy Meadows campaign ring to it too (those people whose kids have been taken into care who spend their time campaigning against paediatricians for identifying signs of abuse, insisting the children were never abused and the NHS and courts have faked the evidence).

This situation must be like heaven for them, Charlie's Law would basically be an abuser's charter.

Fancythat69 Sat 08-Jul-17 20:40:21

@itsnachocheese i agree

CaveMum Sat 08-Jul-17 20:40:41

I may have missed this, but is the Pastor Catholic? I'm guessing not.

Are the family Catholic? If not, why petition the Pope? If they are, why consult the Pastor?

MumIsRunningAMarathon Sat 08-Jul-17 20:40:48

That reverend is using this situation to the max!! He's bloody delighted to be in London

Next pic will prob be at a tourist attraction!

MyBeloved Sat 08-Jul-17 20:41:21

Charlie looks seriously unwell. Poor baby.

NerrSnerr Sat 08-Jul-17 20:41:31

That latest photo is just heartbreaking. That poor boy needs to be let go now. As for this pastor- if the power of prayer has any hope of working you'd think prayers from the chaplains or their own church leader would be sufficient??

MusicForTheJiltedGeneration Sat 08-Jul-17 20:42:20


I honestly don't know what the parents are expecting to happen after treatment. I'm not sure they've really looked that far, they seem focused on the here and now. Even with a 10% improvement (which is highly unlikely) I can't imagine he would be well enough to go home on a permanent basis.

Birdsbeesandtrees Sat 08-Jul-17 20:43:14

Parents seem to truely believe he can get better. Totally delusional sad

stitchglitched Sat 08-Jul-17 20:44:51

'The real "Charlie's Army" are the team of medical professionals who have cared for him for the last 10 months.'

Someone has posted this on the GOSH fb page and it's spot on. These staff have kept this little boy alive and are being disparaged by twats who do protests in their living rooms.

Nanasueathome Sat 08-Jul-17 20:46:02

Is there a comment on the previous thread where the woman who has come over with the Pastor says something about GOSH being hired to look after Charlie?

Fancythat69 Sat 08-Jul-17 20:46:04

@MusicForTheJiltedGeneration The word thunderclap is used to announce "important news". They are actually going to be gathering outside GOSH

joangray38 Sat 08-Jul-17 20:47:11

I feel more sorry for the parents and children who are having to go to GOSH which is traumatic un itself and if the protest goes ahead go through the protestors.
I think the parents will drag it out for years with tv /book/ magazine articles about how Drs and gosh let their son down, because otherwise they won't be able to cope with the loss of Charlie. I feel sorry for gosh and the medical teams caring for him, they are professionals and CA and Charlie's parents seem to have lost sight of that.

MusicForTheJiltedGeneration Sat 08-Jul-17 20:48:04

I don't understand why the Pastor needed to come to London to pray for Charlie anyway. Surely the power of prayer can stretch across oceans (if that's what you believe in). Seriously, by letting this showboater into the unit for selfies they've just added yet another ring to the circus.

Lemonading Sat 08-Jul-17 20:49:33

Sashkin the two people I am connected to on FB who have had children taken into care/adopted are both CA posters who are also into posting long Forced Adoption tirades.

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