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To create a thread full of Cheeky Fucker links?

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AllRoadsLeadBackToRadley Sat 08-Jul-17 07:49:28

Well, it's been a proper week of cheeky fuckerism this week on here!

On my thread, people keep asking about the WORKzilla's thread, and I think Mexican House Thief has been requested a few times too!

Can we post all of the links on here? I think MN ahould actually create a CF topic- but the links will do!

AllRoadsLeadBackToRadley Sat 08-Jul-17 07:50:36

Tha latest WORKzilla thread...

PegLegAntoine Sat 08-Jul-17 07:51:55

Is it cheeky to mark my place? grin I remember the Mexican house thief but always up for reading more...

Pombearsandnaiceham Sat 08-Jul-17 07:52:13

Ooh what's the Mexican house thief thread, Radley? Is that an older one?

divafever99 Sat 08-Jul-17 07:52:22

Ooh great idea, love a good cheeky fucker thread. Particularly enjoyed yours this week!

AllRoadsLeadBackToRadley Sat 08-Jul-17 07:55:31

It's an older one, and it's a story mixed in with loads of Cheeky Fucker tales. I'll google to try to find the link.

@Tidydancer some of your threads belong on here- you WERE Mumsnet to me when I first started lurking 😂 Takeawaygate and LDC please?

AllRoadsLeadBackToRadley Sat 08-Jul-17 07:57:01

Mexican House Thief is on here- but the others are worth a look, too!

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