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MummyIsAFreeElf Fri 07-Jul-17 18:00:34

I live in social housing. I now live in between two branches of a traveller family. I no longer feel safe or comfortable in my house and want to put in for a swap. I have found a house that I like. Is closer to my child's school the local park and family. The family that have been in the street have been causing so much trouble and now their relatives have moved in. I feel I can't let my kids play outside and am living with my doors and windows locked. My other half says we should wait and see. Am I being unreasonable for wanting to move to a house better suited to family and school as it's 5 minute walk away rather than a house that's a 45 minute walk away with no public transport and that I no longer feel safe or comfortable in?

Tobuyornot99 Fri 07-Jul-17 18:02:13

You can but ask. If it's a direct swap and the council are willing shouldn't be an issue.

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