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To think this amount of packaging is ridiculous

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Keepthebloodynoisedown Thu 06-Jul-17 11:28:39

I ordered a pack of fuses from amazon the other day, and they've been sent in packaging 5x the size.
Aibu to think this is a ridiculous waste.

PsychoPumpkin Thu 06-Jul-17 11:46:47

It is a ridiculous waste, Amazon are often guilty of this.

Keepthebloodynoisedown Thu 06-Jul-17 11:48:12

I've had a few times, I'm probably unresonably pissed off at this one. The actual package is tiny.

wasonthelist Thu 06-Jul-17 11:48:51


BertAndKhloe Thu 06-Jul-17 11:50:52

The worst is when you then have to go the depot to get it as the excess packaging doesn't fit through the letterbox!

pinkyflower Thu 06-Jul-17 13:10:51

in theory YANBU... its a big package for a small item

but you YABU to think they are going to have an infinite number of packaging sizes - that would just push up product cost for everyone!

This does seem to be the smallest package size they have and it works for many different items.

LongLostCherub Thu 06-Jul-17 13:25:52

YABU to think they are going to have an infinite number of packaging sizes

Well, you know, it's a weird thing but packaging does come in a huge number of sizes or at least our shipping dept at work, which is not a company anywhere near the size of Amazon, seems to manage to have enough different sized packaging supplies appropriate to the size/fragility of the items they're despatching, ditto the post office, ditto my local packaging store when I'm mailing personal stuff.

I think a giant corporation like Amazon could actually take a look at a bloody shipping supply catalogue for their shipping dept. It is ridiculous to claim otherwise. I've had large items from Amazon crammed into padded envelopes bursting at the seams when they arrived - a padded envelope is actually all this particular item would have required btw - and tiny objects like the OP in huge boxes.

Foslady Thu 06-Jul-17 13:27:45

I once got an over A4 sized cardboard folder.......for one sheet of thin paper designed to to ripped up....

Totally agree re packaging

ijustwannadance Thu 06-Jul-17 13:31:07

That's just one of their basic dvd/book pouches though so not that ridiculous. If they put it in something to match size of fuses it would likely get lost in the post.

Purplemac Thu 06-Jul-17 15:35:39

I feel your pain OP.

I ordered a new needle for my vinyl player. Came in this huge box (yes, the little 2 inch long white box is what the needle is inside).

NeedMoreSleepOrSugar Thu 06-Jul-17 15:41:38

Oh, I wonder if I still have the photo of the box my lip balm came in? It was approx 2ft by 1ft (granted it was comparatively shallow, maybe 4 inches?) For a single standard sized lip balm. When it arrived I was flummoxed as to what on earth I'd ordered and forgotten about! I'd love to know if Amazon had somehow run out of smaller boxes that day (unlikely, at there are at least 4 or 5 smaller sizes they use), or sometime in their packing hall was just having a laugh!

Madwoman5 Thu 06-Jul-17 18:43:49

Lol, two tiny button batteries in a box the sale size as purplmac's.
Wasteful and costly.

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