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To suggest teaching is an abusive relationship and that I should LTB

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Harvestmoonsobig Wed 05-Jul-17 20:06:08

This is lighthearted but has an feel the description is apt.

I work in alternative provision and I am passionate about what I do.

I am a qualified SENCO, have an MA in education. Have taught for 24 years. Worked up to UPS3.

However, I worked out today that I earned £10.00 per hour. I am only paid for the hours I work (employed as a supply teacher. Long back story).

I've been slapped around the face, spat at and sworn at as a matter of routine.

For the past 4 years the progress of my pupils has been judged to good to outstanding. Suddenly my teaching was judged as needing improvement. 🤔. I have not become apathetic.

Is this an abusive relationship? I can't see how I can leave; who'd want me. I can't believe life could be different.

ImperialBlether Wed 05-Jul-17 20:10:23

I left and have never been happier. I think the "needing improvement" thing is used to ease people out and it's disgusting. It shatters people's self esteem and then they feel they aren't good enough.

You've had terrible treatment at school from your pupils. Did you get support from management?

How old are you?

wowbutter Wed 05-Jul-17 20:12:04

They will never love you back.

(I went to children and families wi the council, loved it! Less abuse. Much more equal relationship, maybe still a bit one sided!)

HelloPossums Wed 05-Jul-17 20:12:16

YANBU OP flowers I was in a very similar position to you a few months ago, when I decided to leave a teacher training course.

Teaching in general (as well as all of the amazing experience that you've mentioned here) qualifies you to do so many things and teaches so many skills that are invaluable in loads of other careers smile

What are your thoughts at the moment?

Would you like in education (for example, in an outreach role or in a policy role, or perhaps doing private tuition)? Or would you like to change career completely?

HelloPossums Wed 05-Jul-17 20:13:26

Sorry, in my last post, that should have read: 'would you like to stay on education' blush

HelloPossums Wed 05-Jul-17 20:14:07

Oh god blush in education(!!)

Iris65 Wed 05-Jul-17 20:17:10

There are easier ways to earn a living and nicer ways to spend your time. As a teacher you have lots of transferable skills.
I was made redundant before I could LTB.

Harvestmoonsobig Wed 05-Jul-17 20:18:05

Thanks for asking.

The good thing about not being paid for holidays is that I'm dipping my toe back into the world business. Give me an opportunity to consider transferable skills.

Being lighthearted about my experience is good.

The children I work with are very complex and the team are great but that culture of not being good enough is seeping in.

I am a very young 54 so not ground down. Looking forward to next stage.

Harvestmoonsobig Wed 05-Jul-17 20:20:35

Wow lots of replies. Thanks.

I really like the problem solving customer service part.

My MA means I have good analytical skills.

CheshireChat Wed 05-Jul-17 20:37:50

Would going into mainstream teaching be easier? It sounds like your students are particularly challenging which is making the situation even more difficult.

islandsandshores Wed 05-Jul-17 20:39:00

I think the being employed as a supply teacher is crazy - what's the deal there?

JimLahey Wed 05-Jul-17 20:52:42

Funnily enough this is how I've described teaching. I have decided to leave teaching at the end of this year. It's not the kids or sharing a passion for my subject, it's the nonsense that comes with it!!

BlackeyedSusan Wed 05-Jul-17 21:01:48

suck you dry and spit you out the other side.

requires improvement and ups3 are probably linked.

ilovesooty Wed 05-Jul-17 21:04:56

I LTB because it made me very ill. Working in my current career has been a lifesaver.

Harvestmoonsobig Wed 05-Jul-17 21:53:32

Sooty. Interested to know what you are doing now?

Black eyed - agree. It's brutal.

Jim - Cheshire- the nonsense is the reason why I could not stand going back into mainstream.

islandsandshores Wed 05-Jul-17 21:58:16

Me too, sooty (if you don't mind!)

When did you leave teaching?

BeaderBird Wed 05-Jul-17 22:08:53

Cheshire Cat, mainstream teaching is exactly the same except you've got 29 other kids in the room instead of 6.

ChildishGambino Wed 05-Jul-17 22:10:55

I work in customer experience - have a google but it's a fab discipline with lots of analytical work and fixing things. Take a look as it pays v well.

ChildishGambino Wed 05-Jul-17 22:11:36

Definitely transferrable skills

d270r0 Wed 05-Jul-17 22:14:53

I don't understand how you are only paid £10 an hour on ups3. I am on ups2 and am paid more than that. How does this work out?

islandsandshores Wed 05-Jul-17 22:23:41

Op is working out time she spends at home I think

GraceGrape Wed 05-Jul-17 22:31:21

Yup, you become convinced you can't survive without it. I eventually left my previous school after it became an academy and they treated me badly (UPS on the pay scale and suddenly needing to improve, despite an outstanding track record). They became all nicey nicey when they realised they needed me but I'd had enough and LTB.

My new boyfriend school treats me better but won't give me the money I was on before.

CheshireChat Wed 05-Jul-17 22:33:39

Then I guess it's time to call it quits. Ultimately, it doesn't even matter if you wanting to leave is reasonable (though I believe it's perfectly understandable) but the fact it's making you unhappy.

Does show that the education system is in desperate need of a rethink as too many people are leaving due to burnout.

beachygirl Wed 05-Jul-17 22:42:50

Before you lose your self esteem, look for a back story here. Are you "requiring improvement" because someone cheaper is ready to step into your shoes?Are you perceived as not toeing the party line? New management wanting to put their own people in place? Remember you have done this job successfully for many years. You might want out of this job but maybe another school would snap you up.

BloodWorries Wed 05-Jul-17 23:04:54

I worry about why all these teachers are leaving the profession, mainly because I want (and am studying) to become a teacher.

Has it really become that horrible? I've worked in a school before, but the staff (including the head) we're all really wonderful and worked together. Does that make the difference?

I'd imagine the wage for a supply but still having to do planning/marking/usual stuff is the reason you are getting such a low pay. I wasn't on much less in my previous jobs with just an NVQ behind me. Maybe you a change into a permanent role would help? You could work part time and still come out with the same wage!

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