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To think it's a bit iffy to stop for a snack on the way to a meal in someone's house

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BananaThePoet Wed 05-Jul-17 14:06:52

I invited someone to Sunday lunch. I asked before hand if what I was planning to cook would appeal to them a week in advance so they could have told me if they wanted something else - I am easy about a Sunday roast - no odds to me if they prefer pork or beef or lamb or whatever.

Then when checking beforehand to see if they were still on track for arriving at the time arranged (to get my cooking timings right so it would be ready for when they arrived which was the meal time) it turned out they were stopped to have a snack en route.

I'm not stingy with food and I like to think my hygiene standards are good and they were not travelling far - much less than an hour door to door - so it threw me a bit.

We had a nice time and they ate what I served up but it just made me feel a bit confused.

HoneyIshrunktheBiscuit Wed 05-Jul-17 14:07:59

Were they travelling far?

CherieBabySpliffUp Wed 05-Jul-17 14:08:52

I think it would depend on what time they had breakfast, what time they had the snack and what the snack was.

Justhadmyhaircut Wed 05-Jul-17 14:08:56

Not that I approve but was it a Mac breakfast hangover cure?
(dd assures they do work - urgh)

ImperialBlether Wed 05-Jul-17 14:10:34

They would have had to have had the snack within the hour before arriving - the clue was in the thread!

Redsippycup Wed 05-Jul-17 14:11:07

How bizarre! Why would they even tell you that let alone do it?!

MrsBadger Wed 05-Jul-17 14:11:17

Maybe they had actually stopped for a wee but didn't want to say that
Maybe they needed a break from driving (I know <1h but some people aren't confident)
Maybe they'd skipped breakfast
Maybe they'd been training that morning and were stopping to protein up
Maybe a long-lost friend accosted them outside Costa and insisted they join them for a croissant
Maybe they were just actually hungry right that moment and didn't want to show up grumpy and ravenous

any would be likely and reasonable

UndersecretaryofWhimsy Wed 05-Jul-17 14:11:18

Does it matter? They ate and liked your food. Maybe they felt like a particular something, maybe they were queasy or hungover and had to settle their stomach. So what? How does it affect you?

Shadow666 Wed 05-Jul-17 14:14:22

This reminds me of a BBQ a friend had organized. One woman turned up at 9pm with 5kg of uncooked BBQ chicken and announced they had stopped at McDonalds on the way.

llangennith Wed 05-Jul-17 14:16:56

Our extended family always makes sure we've eaten before going to my sister's for a meal or we'd starvegrin

sweetheart Wed 05-Jul-17 14:25:56

We have some friends where dh and I always used to eat before we went. I'm sure she thought she provided enough but they are skinny minnies and we are fatties and once you add some booze to the situation dh and I always left starving and shit faced.

We've stopped going there for dinner now so problem solved.

MrsOverTheRoad Wed 05-Jul-17 14:36:11

Maybe your portions aren't what they're used to. I serve small portions from what I've seen of some of my friends...that's because DH, my DD's and I all have small appetites...well I don't think they're "small" but that other people's are BIG!

I was agog at what one friend served his 13 year old DD from a shared Chinese takeaway...basically a man's portion.

He ate even more...there was loads there so it was fine but it amazed me!

puddingpen Wed 05-Jul-17 14:41:10

When I need food I need food otherwise I get Hangry. Much better to stop for a small snack so that by the time I get to my lunch I am able to enjoy it.

christmastreewithhairyfairy Wed 05-Jul-17 14:41:42

DH and I often have snacks on the way to people's houses, if we are worried that the portions will be small or they eat much later than we usually do. But I wouldn't tell them!! That is the weird bit

MiaowTheCat Wed 05-Jul-17 14:42:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IloveBanff Wed 05-Jul-17 14:42:51

HoneyIshrunktheBiscuit "Were they travelling far?"

The OP clearly says "they were not travelling far - much less than an hour door to door".

HipsterHunter Wed 05-Jul-17 14:43:02

Maybe they were hungry? They weren't to know you are a roast goddess who gets it out on time (I always end up over time!!!)

requestingsunshine Wed 05-Jul-17 14:48:01

That is definately odd behaviour. We once had a couple over for dinner along with a few other friends, for a 3 course meal which they knew would be a 3 course meal plus drinks, not small portions at all we usually tend to overdo it and end up with food left over.

Halfway through the main course the bloke says he is full and not sure he can finish it, he'd eaten about a quarter of it. The woman then said, 'that will be the fry-up! I always do him a fry up on a saturday afternoon don't I love. He loves his fry ups on a saturday'.
I just thought, but not an hour before a fucking 3 course dinner shock they didn't get invited back, I just thought that was really rude.

blueskyinmarch Wed 05-Jul-17 14:48:30

My DD2 and my DH eat a lot and hate being hungry. They will often ask how long util dinner and if i say an hour they will go off and have a snack. If we are going to my PIL we have to stop for a sandwich before we get to them for lunch as they serve very tiny amounts of food.

I assume if your guests ate all the food then whatever snack they had didn’t fill them up too much. Or maybe by snack they just meant they stopped for coffee?

RiverTam Wed 05-Jul-17 14:50:18

First thought was that they were hungover.

Otherwise, maybe they were up early and suddenly starving.

I don't know, does it matter? Did they eat the lunch? Was their company not up to much?

TroysMammy Wed 05-Jul-17 14:54:26

If I have an early breakfast eg 7am and then lunch later eg 1.30 my stomach would be in half after eating a big lunch. I'd have to have maybe a piece of toast a couple of hours before but nothing more than that.

Allthebestnamesareused Wed 05-Jul-17 14:54:57

We always used to eat on the way to my mum's friend when we went for dinner. Would have afternoon tea at say 4ish and eat there at 6ish. Basically a salad for 4 people would be 4 lettuce leaves in a dish with 4 mini tomatoes 8 slices of cucumber and 4 half slices of ham!

Pretty much a side salad between 4!

Bluntness100 Wed 05-Jul-17 14:58:15

Either they were hungry and didn't eat brekkie then realised, or your portions aren't as big as you think so they know to eat first.

Plenty of arguments about portions on here, with some saying it's a perfectly adequate portion and fits calorie requirements and others thinking that's highly parsiminous.

I notice you said " I'm not stingy with food" as opposed to " I'm over generous with food and always have tons left over" , which could indicate it's your portion side and your doling out the two roasties and thinking it's not stingy.

Bluntness100 Wed 05-Jul-17 15:00:24

Sorry I'd also add the fact they were able to eat what you served would maybe support the parsminous portion size....

Either that or they are really big eaters.

theflickyones Wed 05-Jul-17 15:01:04

I had a friend once who would invite me over for Sunday lunch at say 3pm, I'd arrive expecting to eat pretty soon but we'd cook together and eat much later. The first time it happened I was absolutely starving by the time we ate!
From then on I had a snack grin

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