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AIBU to expect an update on day plans?

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NameChange006 Wed 05-Jul-17 09:52:33

I'm supposed to have plans with my mum today. She text me yesterday to ask if I still wanted to meet. I replied yes (about 5pm) but not heard anything since. The plan was for her to take me shopping as I desperately need some baby things (I'm very, very pregnant and not comfortable driving myself all that way by myself - DP at work and doesn't drive anyway). If she cancels, I will get the bus into town, but I'd much rather get to the retail park for some specific items.

I've text her this morning and tried calling half an hour ago. It's not too early in the day to expect an update it is?

My mum does have serious form for cancelling last minute. She was actually supposed to meet me on Sunday, but I got a text message from her partner at 1pm to say she was cancelling. Before that I'd just kind of being waiting around.

To not drip feed, she has depression and doesn't work. However I'm not sure that excuses someone to just not let you know.

I will be annoyed if she cancels again, but I can forgive that. I will mostly be angry that again she hasn't let me know and I can't do something else instead.

AIBU to have expected an update on plans by now? Am I not being fair on her?

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