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Does anyone else's heart sink at the thought of clothes shopping?

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washinggotdarkedon Wed 05-Jul-17 07:07:37

I'm going on holiday soon. I have nothing to wear. Actually I've nowt to wear when I'm not on holiday! Have a uniform for work, the rest of the time I look passable actually I'm starting to look very tatty

I've got money to spend but I go into town and practically have an anxiety attack as I enter the shops!

Anyone else feel this way?

ElspethFlashman Wed 05-Jul-17 07:09:44

If I were you I'd just order everything online in two sizes and return what doesn't suit.

Places like Debenhams are handy as you don't have to faff about with the post office, just return to a till.

Viviene Wed 05-Jul-17 07:09:59

Yes, me. When I decide to brave the crowds and go shopping I last to max shop no. 4

Online shopping is your friend. You can send the stuff back if it doesn't fit.

mrsnec Wed 05-Jul-17 07:11:02

Yes. So I do all of it online and I do it so often I just know what will fit and I have never had to send anything back.

Chasingsquirrels Wed 05-Jul-17 07:11:37

I don't get anxious about it, I just can't be bothered.
Online is good, I periodically order bundles of stuff from TK Maxx and take 80% of it back.

AliciaMayEmory Wed 05-Jul-17 07:12:58

Me too. I went to buy some new summer clothes at the weekend. It's slim pickings out there at the moment. I've grown to hate clothes shopping. I'm 5' 10" and all the stores seem to have done away with having a tall section now and put them online. All dresses seem to be waisted which just don't work for me as the waist on them is under my bust and I look like a 5year old. Sleeves are too short, as are trousers. I'm sticking to amazing shoes and bags.

The80sweregreat Wed 05-Jul-17 07:14:59

Its the fashions i hate = i am an 16 18 or even a 20 ( depends on shop , style of clothes, fit and price etc etc) and an odd shape, the arms on clothes are ridiculous and the material on most is shabby.
i have long legs so buying jeans is a nightmare usually and i look frumpy in any dress!
i just hate it too. i have tried catalogues, its worth a go but sending stuff back can be a faff.

peripateticparents Wed 05-Jul-17 07:15:04

I hate it and always get depressed. If you know what you need (i.e. A pair of jeans, or something to wear to a party, etc), then I really recommend making an appt with one of the personal shoppers who works for the stores who will look at you and just come back with things that might suit. Top shop and house of Fraser come to mind as doing it for free. I HAD to find a dress one day, was going into lots of shops with no luck, walked into top shop and the lady I asked for where to look in the shop sent me off with the personal shopper. She forme a fab dress I would never have even tried on. I still wear it for dress up events.

justmetwice Wed 05-Jul-17 07:16:56

Me me! One of the best solutions when I know I need to make a purchase (e.g. have a wedding to go to or when I started a new job with smarter clothes) I found that doing a personal shopper appointment at debenhams works extremely well for me. I typically go to the Oxford Street one, but other big ones do them as well. I just love it - no stress for me to pick things to try out, and more importantly they can typically find stuff I would never pick that when on looks a dream (I am overweight and have no style, but somehow they always manage to find stuff, and I typically have a problem of which I like best out of a few I like rather than picking one that is ok, but I can't be bothered​ to do any more shopping)

AngelaKardashian Wed 05-Jul-17 07:18:35

I hate it too. My body shape is not the typical norm which means I rarely find clothes to fit me me properly. It stresses me out and upsets me.

00100001 Wed 05-Jul-17 07:19:26

It's just so bloody time consuming. It's boring.

And fucking shoes. I hate shopping for bloody shoes.

My feet are 7.5 and wideish. Can I get shoes to fit??? The default Shoes that seem to fit, are stupid 10" heels, flimsy stupid flip flops or stupid fat trainers that are neon orange and fucking glittery.

So I find a pair that isn't stupid and fits. And but three pairs to last!

justmetwice Wed 05-Jul-17 07:19:48

Beat me to it, peripatetic, but yes... Totally second the personal shopper. They are free, and at least the debenhams ones I have used have never been too pushy to spend more than you want... Can even but nothing at all.

CheshireSplat Wed 05-Jul-17 07:20:01

It's probably too late for this holiday but I used to feel exactly the same way. Then I had my colours done and now I actively enjoy it. I know is that everything will suit me colour wise so if I don't like it on, it's the shape or size that's wrong. It's made such a difference. (This sounds like a really bad advert! But I have no connections with any consultancy businesses!)

I also know that the colours that suit me are usually on sale in the spring so I buy stuff then and rarely the rest of the year which stops me wasting time in the summer.

It cost around £100 which people are shocked by. But for me it's been worth it - fewer clothes mistakes and I enjoy it now.

Foslady Wed 05-Jul-17 07:20:16

Hate it with a passion. I'm on a limited budget and with a body shape that appears different to what clothes manufacturers doesn't think exists and very like sense of style I always end up with stuff I think looks alright rather than I love.

I think growing up with parents who felt what clothes looked like on was unimportant (most of my stuff was hand me downs of styles that were usually 4 years out of date - paisley crimpoline anyone with huge collars whilst everyelse was influenced by punk....) has made if very difficult as I had very limited ways of developing a fashion sense that worked for my body growing up so have no skill for it now. Minor issue I know, but when you go out and look around thinking everyone looks better dressed and more confident than you ......

I feel for you OP!

WhatToDoAboutThis2017 Wed 05-Jul-17 07:20:40

Nope! I fucking love clothes shopping grin I just never have the money to do it...

Iamastonished Wed 05-Jul-17 07:20:57

No. I am in between sizes and CBA with the faff of ordering online and returning clothes. I often take several things into a changing room and end up buying one item or nothing. I would be in the post office all the time if I shopped online. It helps that I work part time so can shop when it's quiet.

I tend to "window shop" online then I know which shops I want to go to. It wastes less time.

missyB1 Wed 05-Jul-17 07:22:04

For those of you who mainly shop online, isn't it a pain having to post everything back when it doesn't fit or you don't like it? Then having to wait for the right size to come and not knowing if that will even look right? I must admit the thought of all that puts me off.
I like the personal shopper idea though.

Foslady Wed 05-Jul-17 07:22:18

Oh god - just read this back and makes so little sense blush.
A body shape manufacturers does think exists and very little sense of style.....

ISaySteadyOn Wed 05-Jul-17 07:22:38

I hate it too. Sends me into self hatred spirals. I have DH who is better at knowing what I look like so he sometimes picks up nice things for me.

Jaimx86 Wed 05-Jul-17 07:22:59

I've completely overhauled my holiday wardrobe this year, and not been in a single shop. I hate shopping and get hot and uncomfortable in the changing rooms.
I've used ASOS as they sell lots of brands, topped up with some Zara. ASOS have a no quibble returns policy if you don't like what you've ordered and the money comes back into your bank in a couple of days.

Jaimx86 Wed 05-Jul-17 07:24:17

Then having to wait for the right size to come ASOS do 12 month next day delivery for £9.99. Sometimes I have several deliveries in a week as I just buy as I see items.

BurnTheBlackSuit Wed 05-Jul-17 07:24:42

Me. I think it's just that I'm not interested in clothes, shoes and bags so resent spending money on them. That and I only like comfortable shoes (trainers) and therefore anything dressy means shoes which hurt and don't fit.

londonrach Wed 05-Jul-17 07:24:59

Yes. I want to go in, get clothes, go out in 5 minutes.

Josephinelavelle Wed 05-Jul-17 07:28:10

Yes hate it. Worst use of time ever. It's the overwhelming choice that I hate. I often get my OH to get something I need while he's doing sainsburys shop.

mrsnec Wed 05-Jul-17 07:30:30

I think the online size guides help. I mainly use asos and House of Fraser because I find them very user friendly.

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