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Owww! My foot! A & E?

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Treeskater Wed 05-Jul-17 00:39:47

Stupidly rolled my foot today on uneven ground and the pain is now so bad it's keeping me awake! The top of my foot is swollen and I have cramping all up my calf. It hurts to drive and put weight on it. What have I done??? Have to take DS for a hospital appointment tomorrow - would I be wasting doctors' valuable time if I popped to A&E whilst I was there? There no minor injuries clinic at my local hospital and I don't fancy the drive anywhere further!

CremeFresh Wed 05-Jul-17 00:42:10

Is it painful if you press the side of your foot about half way along ?

CremeFresh Wed 05-Jul-17 00:42:37

Along the outer edge ?

Treeskater Wed 05-Jul-17 00:43:11

Yes! On the top, outer edge, really swollen!

KeiraKnightleyActsWithHerTeeth Wed 05-Jul-17 00:43:28

You need an X-ray.

Treeskater Wed 05-Jul-17 00:44:20

Sorry, just reread your post - the pain and swelling is on the top, not the side. Have broken my little toes before but that was small fry compared to this!

CremeFresh Wed 05-Jul-17 00:47:18

I'd go to A&E or get an X-ray referral from your GP . Sounds like you need it looked at. Is there bruising to the sole ?

OrlandaFuriosa Wed 05-Jul-17 00:47:29

Ok, first reduce any swelling, so take some ibuprofen. Put a wrapped icepack or frozen peas ( better) on it, for 20 mins on, then off. Rest it, pref elevated. If necessary use a compression stocking though I don't usually. ( the Rice formula )

See how it is in the morning,

Look up foot on this website , I've found it useful.

CremeFresh Wed 05-Jul-17 00:48:07

I was thinking a fracture to the base of your 5th metatarsal

OrlandaFuriosa Wed 05-Jul-17 00:48:16

I'm not an hcp but DS was constantly in the wars.

CremeFresh Wed 05-Jul-17 00:49:16

I'm an X-ray person smile

Treeskater Wed 05-Jul-17 00:52:16

No bruising to the sole Creme, the pain is all on the top of my foot and up my leg.

Treeskater Wed 05-Jul-17 00:53:20

Thanks Orlanda, I now have some frozen sweetcorn doing the job!

CremeFresh Wed 05-Jul-17 00:53:35

Def get an X-ray

Treeskater Wed 05-Jul-17 00:55:03

Feel so frustrated - started the C25K at the weekend and was really enjoying it. First exercise in forever! Am so unfit and surprised myself by how much I like it. Now this angry

AlmostAJillSandwich Wed 05-Jul-17 01:00:06

A lot of breaks to bones in the foot don't require plaster, and will just be rest and time. Much better to get an emergency GP appointment if you can, as in most cases an X-ray isn't required to diagnose a break that would need a plaster. You'll also avoid the 4 hour or more wait in A+E, to almost certainly get the same advice you'd get from your GP.

MrsOverTheRoad Wed 05-Jul-17 01:11:30

OP whatever happens with it DO NOT be tempted to not rest it in the coming days.

I had this and two years later I limp because I failed to care for it when it first happened.

ManchesterBee Wed 05-Jul-17 01:24:41

Ironically in the same position!

Only Dd left a large tin in a stupid place. The tin fell from a height onto my now purple and swollen foot.

OrlandaFuriosa Wed 05-Jul-17 01:43:12

Love the name, creme.

DS has just developed sesamoiditis... it's a real pain.

CremeFresh Wed 05-Jul-17 01:46:03

They say that if your feet hurt , you hurt all over - so true ! I've had plantar fasciitis and it's miserable trying to find comfortable footwear.

Broken11Girl Wed 05-Jul-17 01:47:18

Jill um I broke my foot and had to persuade them to x-ray. It wasn't visibly deformed, bruised spectacularly but that took days to show up. I needed a plaster cast.
OP, please don't listen to the 'don't go to A&E unless you're having a heart attack or a limb is hanging off' brigade. My foot felt like a bag of broken glass. I could barely limp around on it. I wouldn't have been able to sleep either. Painkillers, put it up, frozen sweetcorn is great. Go to A&E tomorrow, if you're taking your DC to hospital anyway there's nothing to lose. And I'm sorry about the c25k, I was training for a charity bike ride when I broke mine so feel you flowers

TheMaddHugger Wed 05-Jul-17 02:09:34

(((((((((((Hugs))))))) OP flowers and [cuppa]

Just a funny side note. when looking through the Mnet select page Your post was this -

Owww! My foot! A & E?21Treeskater the last poster was Broken11Girl

CremeFresh Wed 05-Jul-17 02:34:29

Let us know how you get on flowers

stonecircle Wed 05-Jul-17 03:41:17

I rolled my foot badly last year - stood on the edge of a pothole. I hobbled around in a lot of pain for a week then finally went for an x-ray as the pain just wasn't subsiding.

I had an avulsion fracture which is where the ligaments are stretched so much by the roll they come away from the bone taking a small piece of bone with them. I was in an air boot for about 6 weeks. I would definitely get it looked at.

enterthedragon Wed 05-Jul-17 04:02:56

If the pain is on top of the foot then it could be a number of things, fractured metatarsal, Lisfranc injury, sprain, soft tissue damage.

If you develope bruising on the sole of your foot then that would indicate a possible Lisfranc injury, which can be difficult to diagnose with a non weight bearing xray (unless its blatantly obvious), more subtle Lisfranc injuries may require weight bearing xray and/or a CT scan.

If I were you I wouldn't hesitate to go to a&e, flowers

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