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Moving schools again?

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Iamthedogsmother Tue 04-Jul-17 11:12:08

Hello, I've post a couple of times about this before so I apologise if you've been read it before but I had little response , anyway here goes ...

My dd is 8. She was very confident before starting school but this changed in reception. It turned out she was being bullied. School wouldn't do anything so, with support from the wisdom of MN I moved her. She was much happier. About a year later dh got made redundant and then got another job about 100 miles away. It was too good to turn down so we moved. Dd went to another new school. This is where she is now. It's about 5 miles from our house as the closer school was full when we moved. Dds school is lovely, teachers are nice etc but it's tiny, about 70 kids, infants and juniors combined. There are just 8 in dds year. She has struggled with friendships and has had various issues with bullying type behaviour where she is the target. Things have got much worse recently with the arrival of a new child who is bullying dd and turning a few of the others against her. She's been in absolute bits, it's been awful. I've reported it to school and it's being dealt with. It so bad now that dd can't even go into the playground at drop off, I take her straight to the classroom.

Anyway, yesterday, I emailed a couple of schools just in case there was any spaces. The local school has hot back to me saying they're full but a child might be leaving so there is a possibility of a space in September. I'm going to have a look but my question is would is be unreasonable to move dd again? Dd doesn't want to move, I don't know why as she has no friends and because the school is small, opportunities are more limited. The possible new school is within walking distance. It means she might make new friends closer to us and also ge to know the kids she will go to secondary school with (my DS is 12 and in secondary, this was an issue for him) Dh doesn't want dd to have to go to a fourth school.

Just for some perspective, my mum died years ago and I have noone to ask for advice. I'm not the most confident of people and I'm on antidepressant for anxiety. This can effect my judgement hence I'm turnin to the wisdom of mumsnet.

Changebagsandgladrags Tue 04-Jul-17 11:19:53

She has a long while left in primary school still, so, if it's not working out then yes, I'd consider moving again.

There's no harm in looking at this other school, going for a taster day before they break up for summer if possible.

My DS is about to leave primary school, it's his fourth school too (moved twice in year 5!) and he's coped fine. In fact he's really come on in year 6.

My other DS is on his third primary school (we moved house and then the school we moved to closed). I wouldn't rule out moving him again. His current school is very small (there's two in his year) and I don't know how secure it is with funding cuts.

AppleJacques Tue 04-Jul-17 11:39:45

I'd move her. She doesnt want to move because she's tired of being the new girl and having to start again but really really reassure her it's for the best, her current school sounds miserable for her flowers

iseenodust Tue 04-Jul-17 12:20:02

There are only 8 children in her year where she is. Friendships may improve but let's just say yr6 in particular is often challenging as some start to exercise their tween wings. I think a school in walking distance with larger classes must be at least worth a look.

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