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Teeny tiny buttons on the back on newborn clothes!

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YellowCushions Sun 02-Jul-17 10:23:25

DD mainly lives in romper suits. However she has a few little outfits that she wears when we go out places or sees relatives. WHY do all these outfits have tiny buttons that need to go into tinier button holes! On the BACK! It's a two person job! can't the button be on the side or something!
Just needed a rant after it took two of us to button up an outfit blush

StupidSlimyGit Sun 02-Jul-17 10:29:32

YADNBU! I bought my DD a t-shirt and vest set and the t-shirt had a button on the back hmm and it had to go into a tiny loop of fabric not even a button hole. Just why? I swear the people who design baby clothes have never actually had a baby.
As a side note is there any way you could put tiny press studs on to replace the button? They're cheap as chips for hundreds on ebay. I've done this on a few of the outfits I really love for DD so I can bear putting her in them.

Noisybastardsshutup Sun 02-Jul-17 10:31:21

You just took me back to when Dd was a baby and Dp could never do the stupid fiddly buttons up. If he dressed her he left them undone. I agree they are stupid.

londonrach Sun 02-Jul-17 10:31:30

Yadnbu!!' Only now do i put dd (11 months)in top with buttons at the back. Some of the buttons a mouse would struggle to use!!!

OhDearToby Sun 02-Jul-17 10:33:41

Also babygrows that don't have poppers down the front so they need to be put on over the head. Three dd's (so dd2 and 3 exclusively wearing hand me downs) and I've still got ones that haven't been worn by any of them because it's just too much faff.

RiversrunWoodville Sun 02-Jul-17 10:33:52

Argh these things are the creation of a very evil genius!

Bubbinsmakesthree Sun 02-Jul-17 10:34:56

I feel lucky to have had two boys who were dressed in sleepsuits every day as this seems to be a girls' clothes issue.

Kuriusoranj Sun 02-Jul-17 10:36:27

This may be veering a teensy bit PFB but actually I hated newborn clothes with fastenings on the back, however big. They spend 90% of their time lying on their backs, and they have such soft and fragile-looking skin. I always felt like it was a bit sad they had to lie on buttons, or poppers or some such.

megletthesecond Sun 02-Jul-17 10:37:16

Yanbu. I gave up with them in the end and just gave then to charity. So badly designed.

Funnyface1 Sun 02-Jul-17 10:55:37

Yanbu. I can't wrestle new babies into clothes. I am probably bu but my dd is just turned 10 months and only just starting to wear clothes. I've had her in sleep suits and sun suits until now. My ds was 1 before I started with him but I'm trying to make more effort this time!

ClarkWGriswold Sun 02-Jul-17 11:36:46

YADNBU! Ridiculously designed. I used to do DD's tummy time at the same time as trying to do up the stupidly tiny buttons on some of her clothes.

YellowCushions Sun 02-Jul-17 11:49:47

Clark I do that if OH is at work! Poor DD probably wonders what I'm doing to her!

Scrowy Sun 02-Jul-17 11:56:16

Ha I have nearly started this thread so many times


agree with the PP who said the vast majority of baby clothes designers have clearly never had to dress a baby.

Boots mini club are also the worst offenders for no poppers down the front of babygrows. What research are they looking at that suggests that babies like being squeezed into a babygrow head first.

Daffodils07 Sun 02-Jul-17 12:09:06

And trust me they are even worse when there is tiny buttons or any buttons on older babys clothes!
My dd wont stay still for love or money and the buttons kill my nails, I try and avoid buying anything with buttons on now.

ClaireFraser Sun 02-Jul-17 12:14:50

I feel your pain! Plus I think it must be so uncomfortable for them to lie on a line of buttons or poppers, never mind the impracticality of trying to do them up on a little baby!

I refused to put DD in anything that didn't fasten up the front or side until she was at least 7mo and will be doing the same again when no 2 arrives in a few months.

Mind you, buttons are no easier to do up on a flailing wriggling 2yr old, I'm convinced half of these things are designed by people who don't actually children and have therefore never attempted these feats of endurance!

April241 Sun 02-Jul-17 12:21:47

YANBU! Can't stand the buttons or the babygrows with no buttons down the front.

In saying that I have 9mo twins and the babygrows are driving me insane as they won't like still, I think I'm going to buy top and bottom pyjamas instead for during the day at home!

gandalfspants Sun 02-Jul-17 12:31:52


I used to lay DD on her front on my lap to do the silly things up.

Also agree with PPs about the baby grows with no front buttons. MIL got us loads of lovely boots ones that hardly got worn because she was going through a poonami stage and they are a nightmare to remove without making it worse.

Ramsbottomthesnake Sun 02-Jul-17 13:02:15

YANBU. And when they get to around 18+ months quite a few shops don't put easy access poppers round the legs for nappy changing on things like dungarees, playsuits. It's hard enough to get a little kid to lie down long enough to have its bum cleaned and a new nappy on, without having to virtually re-dress them. I get things like that at Next for DGD as they seem to realise that a nearly two year old generally is still in nappies.

alltouchedout Sun 02-Jul-17 13:06:22

DH and I had a massive argument when ds1 was tiny which was triggered by the stress of trying to put some stupid, impractical baby clothes on him. We were new parents and young and exhausted and found even changing his vest scary (convinced we'd somehow injure his neck) , we really could not cope with fiddly intricate stuff.

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