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To think I have the most unfortunately named love rival?

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RedStripeIassie Sun 02-Jul-17 00:36:16

I'm only just back with my dh after we split for a time and suddenly I find Jolene is back in our county and wants to get back in touch with him?

Every time I sound off about the fact they got history and she's always fancied him people start singing fucking Dolly Parton!

Last time I got really torn up over it and confidied in my dsis and BIL he put the damn song on and laughed for a whole few minutes and I forgave him because everyone was a bit drunk and stoned but them
Mary Anne never lets me forget either and she's meant to be close family angry

Just to clarify he'd never cheat on me and never has.

TheSnowFairy Sun 02-Jul-17 00:40:06

Er... confused

karmacoma1 Sun 02-Jul-17 00:41:09

Not sure if sleep deprived, or if this made little to no sense.

Jolene is a cracking song though. That's all I've got.

SerfTerf Sun 02-Jul-17 00:42:05

How is she a "love rival" then?

SerfTerf Sun 02-Jul-17 00:42:28

Jolene is a cracking song though. That's all I've got.


WattdeEll Sun 02-Jul-17 00:44:49

Nurse! She's out of bed again!

MeanAger Sun 02-Jul-17 00:44:56

That's what my parents were going to name me before they saw sense.

Cavender Sun 02-Jul-17 00:45:41

So if he hasn't been unfaithful and you trust him implicitly why are you getting upset?

SerfTerf Sun 02-Jul-17 00:46:12

Who's Mary Anne? I fee like she needs her own song too. So many questions.

EssieTregowan Sun 02-Jul-17 00:47:38

Are you stoned?

RedStripeIassie Sun 02-Jul-17 00:47:44

Oh shit. I'm sure someone has a mn username called don't drink and mumsnet and now I know why!

RedStripeIassie Sun 02-Jul-17 00:48:26

Mary Anne's lovely and I shouldn't have blamed her

karmacoma1 Sun 02-Jul-17 00:48:32

Well, that was a quick turnaround,

ErrolTheDragon Sun 02-Jul-17 00:49:14

Could be worse. If I hear the name 'Jolene' I remember the infamous shower scene in The Archers.

RedStripeIassie Sun 02-Jul-17 00:49:18

She's friend with Jolene

Oswin Sun 02-Jul-17 00:49:44

Oh I really hoped you wouldn't get back with him. I really do hope he's changed.

Tartyflette Sun 02-Jul-17 00:49:47

Do you live in Borsetshire, OP?
Jolene's got a bit of history there too....

SerfTerf Sun 02-Jul-17 00:50:43

Oh good. Mary Anne sounds like a good guy. The name, I mean.

RedStripeIassie Sun 02-Jul-17 00:50:45

He's really changed so much.

I don't know where borsetshire is

ExplodedCloud Sun 02-Jul-17 00:51:03

Red Jolene isn't the problem...

EssieTregowan Sun 02-Jul-17 00:51:07

Oh I've just realised who you are.

Why on earth are you back with him?

Tartyflette Sun 02-Jul-17 00:51:19

Whoops. Cross post with Errol

ExplodedCloud Sun 02-Jul-17 00:52:04

Tarty my first thought too grin

AddALemon Sun 02-Jul-17 00:52:14

Who's Mary Anne? I fee like she needs her own song too. So many questions

Was Mary Anne from the Walton's? Or was that Mary Ellen? grin

RedStripeIassie Sun 02-Jul-17 00:52:24

We're back together because he's changed and we love each other and we've a child together.

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