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Aibu about these noisy dogs

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Lime19 Sat 01-Jul-17 23:12:31

I'm not a dog owner so I need advice.

My garden is unusable because next door but one have several really noisy dogs. They bark every 3 seconds constantly. If they hear you making noise in your garden they growl and bark faster.

They are outside all day. It's 11pm and I can still hear it. I can't open my windows because it makes it louder. It's so loud that I can hear it on my shitty baby monitor that is in my nursery at the front of the house.

Is it normal for dogs to be left outside all day? What does constant barking mean? Boredom? Anyone had this? How did it get solved?

I'm wanting to move, that's how bad it is. But now I'm worried it can't be sold because of the bloody constant yap.

One of the dogs is a small breed. The other is large and rather scary. There may be others.

taraer Sat 01-Jul-17 23:18:54

I am defo having the same sort of situation but mine are separated so there's either two underweight, never walked or fed properly big dogs out but mostly they keep the little one out who just cries all day. In fact we have started throwing food over sad he was licking the floor cause it was raining before it's horrible I can't have my window open cause of the constant crying and I'm not the only neighbour to say ....
I have spoke to rspca

taraer Sat 01-Jul-17 23:19:55

I say mine I mean my next door neighbours 😡 can't look after them proper never walked and the kids don't leave the house sad poor things

ChocolateFrogs Sun 02-Jul-17 00:24:33

Sorry to hear about the situation OP! It sounds really stressful. Have you been able to speak to the neighbours who own the dogs at all?

taraer that sounds so sad sad have the RSPCA been helpful?

MeanAger Sun 02-Jul-17 00:27:47

I've had to contact the council for the same issue. They have sent out a log sheet for me to log all incidences of barking over a 2 week period. They also said they send a letter to neighbour advising them that a complaint has been received and they must address the issue.

Lime19 Sun 02-Jul-17 00:29:17

They aren't very friendly.when we first moved in they had a fight in the street! We were trying to get out our car and they were fighting. It was all very awkward.

The rest of the street is friendly and there is no issue with noise elsewhere

K1092902 Sun 02-Jul-17 02:24:59

Do you know if it's an owned or rented property? I agree with contacting the council but if they are renting its worth trying to track down their landlord.

We had this a few years ago. Neighbour had six dogs he was leaving all day so one or two of them would constantly bark- and I mean constant. It took nearly 2 years of complaints etc but the tenant was eventually evicted.

Lime19 Sun 02-Jul-17 08:04:28

Unfortunately they own it.

Ilikecheeriosyum Sun 02-Jul-17 17:30:37

I think in this situation it's hard to resolve anything if they own the house sad

First port of call is the rspca, however if the dog has shelter/food/water/clean garden, barking isn't abuse unless you can record it for hours and prove the dog is distressed so they may do nothing.

The police is the next step I think and they might issue an asbo if you can prove that they are being anti-social (which they absolutely are)

So get recording, noise levels with a meter, recordings, video of the dogs, time and duration, logs, everything you can and pass it onto the non emergency police.

They might get an abso and a fine, and some disgruntled neighbours.

Alternatively a dog repeller/bark sensor might work? They're a couple of pounds and have a button or a sensor and they emit a sound which sometimes stops boredom barking.

Nightmare neighbours on tv really scares me, when they put up with aggression for years :s

Dibbles1967 Sun 02-Jul-17 17:41:46

I've got a dog (who doesn't even woof when someone knocks on the door) lazy or mute, I'm not sure.

Neighbours about 5 doors down have a dog who is left outside all the time & used to bark seemingly non stop. Neighbour 2 doors down stuck one of these up when she had her baby. Not a peep since!

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