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Wearing my lipstick.

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creamcheeseandlox Sat 01-Jul-17 21:48:30

Went to a dressy day event last week with a load of girlfriends and a friend of mine wanted to borrow one of my fav mac lipsticks to wear. Yes ok no worries. She put it in her bag for a topup throughout the day. At the end of the day after a few drinks etc she went home and I forgot to get it back. Messaged her to make sure she still had it etc. I have now just seen pics of her at a festival wearing said lipstick. I'm a bit pissed off tbh as those lipsticks aren't cheap and what if she looses it/breaks it etc. I just messaged her to say hope u having s good day etc etc btw would u be able to drop my lippie round over the next few days as I'm out his week and would like it back.
AIBU to be annoyed at this?

VeryButchyRestingFace Sat 01-Jul-17 21:51:58

How do you know it's your lipstick she's wearing? confused

icelollycraving Sat 01-Jul-17 21:52:48

Well if she loses it, she will need to replace it. If she loses it, doesn't replace and behaves annoyingly then yanbu to be pissed off.
Yabu to be annoyed yet.

VladmirsPoutine Sat 01-Jul-17 21:54:05

This wouldn't bother me tbh as it's just lipstick.

creamcheeseandlox Sat 01-Jul-17 21:55:02

Very because it's a very bright colour and she hasn't got one like that hence borrowing mine. Unless she's gone out and bought the same one in a week which I doubt then it's mine.

MyheartbelongstoG Sat 01-Jul-17 21:56:40

Who asks to borrow lipstick.

I wouldn't want it back.

Go round and get it.

HateSummer Sat 01-Jul-17 21:57:17

I would never share a lipstick. Yuck. Too many germs. Anyone who knows me knows I don't share my make up products, it's an unhygienic habit.

Crunchymum Sat 01-Jul-17 21:57:34

How much is it?

SJaNH Sat 01-Jul-17 21:58:36

Get over it. What's a lipstick between friends?!

missiondecision Sat 01-Jul-17 21:58:47

Let her keep it.
Yabu to share a lipstick anyway. Cold sore anyone? You don't know where her mouths been. grin

creamcheeseandlox Sat 01-Jul-17 21:59:38

I'm the one who has cold sores and she still wanted to borrow it 🤔

indigo13 Sat 01-Jul-17 21:59:58

Mac test on animals so say good riddance to it

YesMadamDeputySpeaker Sat 01-Jul-17 22:01:33

I would be pissed off - MAC lipsticks are fairly pricey.

I wouldn't share lipstick in the first place though, I'm far too germ-phobic. Do you really want it back now?

AfunaMbatata Sat 01-Jul-17 22:01:51

Ewww! Don't share lipstick!! You don't know where her lips have been <remembers rimming thread from earlier > <commeses memeory wipe>

YesMadamDeputySpeaker Sat 01-Jul-17 22:03:04

I thought they didn't test on animals? They're owned by Estee Lauder.

LovingLola Sat 01-Jul-17 22:18:10

Mac products are sold in China. China requires cosmetic products to be tested on animals.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Sat 01-Jul-17 22:18:49

Tell her you're worried about her catching Herpes and she soon stop wearing your lipstick in all her selfies. It's probably worn down to a tiny stump by now.
What a cheeky cow.

fridgepants Sat 01-Jul-17 22:21:02

She...could have bought a dupe in the week in-between? There are loads of lists of Mac dupes online, she could have gone to Boots and found one the same colour.

Also, don't share lipstick.

Gemini69 Sat 01-Jul-17 22:28:04

that;s like asking to borrow your Knickers OP... you should have said No ... it's such a personal thing ... go get it back x

DJBaggySmalls Sat 01-Jul-17 22:29:10

No cosmetics or ingredients sold in Europe can be tested on animals. Its EU and UK law.

MyOtherNameIsTaken Sat 01-Jul-17 22:30:03

Sharing lipstick? ick.

LovingLola Sat 01-Jul-17 22:31:52

China - by law - requires animal testing. Products sold in China are tested on animals. So Mac (or Estee Lauder) uses animals to test those products which they sell in China.

sizeofalentil Sat 01-Jul-17 22:34:43

I'd think 'cheeky cow' but not mind too much of she wore it again while it was in her possession. One or two extra applications of a lipstick isn't going to use it up that much quicker than if she hadn't. But she was a bit rude to do it without asking.

Theresnonamesleft Sat 01-Jul-17 22:38:56

Get yourself a better brand.
Stop sharing make up.

DramaAlpaca Sat 01-Jul-17 22:40:50

Let her keep it. Sharing lipstick is minging.

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