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To thank AIBU for helping me with my daily interactions?

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TheCatOfAthenry Fri 30-Jun-17 22:31:54

AIBU has, over the last ten years, taught me how much most humans hate to be told they ABU.

I have since developed a way to sweeten the pill in real life and imply they ABU but never actually use the phrase YABU.

It helps with people I know, with patient interactions (am doctor) and even once with an unhelpful gentleman with my phone company!

I'm not sure I used the phrase much before, but learning to say it without actually saying it does help me out.

SuperLoveFuzz Sat 01-Jul-17 01:34:56

Totally agree OP. Also from a personal point of view it is nice to see that doctors are mere mortals with minor hang ups too. I have utmost respect for doctors and think they hold the moon.

SuperLoveFuzz Sat 01-Jul-17 01:37:25

AIBU and mumsnet in general have helped me to leave an abusive relationship, breastfeed successfully, improved my self confidence, highlighted areas I was close to becoming bigoted about, increased my policitcal and social awareness and I feel has made me a better person and communicator. Thank you mumsnet. Makes me grateful to grow up in the internet generation.

ticketytock1 Sat 01-Jul-17 01:38:22

I flippin love mn

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