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To stay at home this evening and wallow in self pity?

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Unacceptable Fri 30-Jun-17 18:20:19

So fed up.
Lost my job, have to prepare a handover knowing that my work wasn't good enough.

Applied for two positions that seemed ideal. Had informal chat for one, was very optimistic. Company appeared impressed and recommended I get application in.
Not even got interview for either position.

Had a funeral today. An emotional visit with family going through some crappy drama and am now supposed to be getting ready to meet my colleagues for a night out.

All I want to do is slump in front of TV and feel sorry for myself.
What say you all mumsnetters?
Am I being pathetic and should pull myself together or have I the right to mope under a blanket for the evening?

WineGummyBear Fri 30-Jun-17 18:24:01

Rubbish for you OP.

Have a mope tonight.

You will bounce back. Tomorrow is another day.

Sorry for your loss.

blahdblah Fri 30-Jun-17 18:24:34

Only if you get yourself something excessively lovely for tea and a box of posh chocolates to chase away the dementors smile

ChildishGambino Fri 30-Jun-17 18:24:56

Nope, eat some lovely food, look after yourself. Do whatever you would do for a friend. flowers

dudsville Fri 30-Jun-17 18:26:05

That's awful. Look after yourself. No point going out in the context of all of that. Hope things start looking up for you soon op.

Blodplod Fri 30-Jun-17 18:32:39

I would also slump in front of the TV with good food, wine and a crappy romantic film on Netflix, figuring I would be shite company to others if I went out anyhow.. but! Tomorrow.. it's a new day, sometimes life throws curveballs at us like this for a reason. I bet you look back in 6mths time and realise there was a reason for this to happen.. a good reason too! X

Hoddykins Fri 30-Jun-17 18:34:50

Bad days always call for a Pity Party flowers

And cake, and chocolate, and takeaway for tea!

ChocolateFrogs Fri 30-Jun-17 20:45:03

This, x10000:

Only if you get yourself something excessively lovely for tea and a box of posh chocolates to chase away the dementors

Look after yourself OP flowerscakebrewwine

Keepthebloodynoisedown Fri 30-Jun-17 20:52:14

What would you tell a friend in your position? There's no shame in an evening wallowing, sometimes it's exactly what you need. Hope things start looking up soon cake flowers wine

Unacceptable Sat 01-Jul-17 10:50:25

Thanks all. Couldn't reply last night as had left phone charger at work.
I did spend the night moping around and was in bed by 9!
Am hoping to feel a bit more positive soon

ChocolateFrogs Mon 03-Jul-17 00:36:52

Hi OP, just wanted to ask how today's been? Hope you're feeling better flowers

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