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To not want a dog licking my DS's face?

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PayingMyWayYouSay Fri 30-Jun-17 17:06:13

DH has a dog at his Mum's that was his before we moved in together but now the dog just leaves with MIL like he always has (DH use to live there).

DS is due soonish. I don't really want the dog all over him as a newborn and have voiced this to DH who says "But Henry licks all the family baby faces?" confused

DH and MIL don't see much of an issue with it. I do.

He doesn't listen and won't get down off of my bump when I tell him to. He is a crazy dog.

It's not just the licking. He is incredibly strong and heavy. He knocks over my nephew and nephew cries when he's around him. Nephew has his own staffy at home so it's not a dog thing.

flapjackfairy Fri 30-Jun-17 17:08:15

You are quite right. I wouldnt want it to lick my childs face either. Just yuk.
Actually i would not visit if the dog could not control itself and was any sort of risk tbh.

Zjmlove Fri 30-Jun-17 17:10:02

No dog would ever be around my children until the child is old enough to know how to act around one!
Makes me cringe when I see babies and toddlers in 'cute' pics, curled up next to (or ON!) a dog.

I would be telling everyone that there is no way the dog will have access to my child to lick it. It's an animal. That licks its own balls. Weirdos.

Rockandrollwithit Fri 30-Jun-17 17:10:21

Gross. My MIL has a dog and she just shut it in the kitchen when DS was newborn, your MIL should do the same. Or visit at your house.

ChocolatePHD Fri 30-Jun-17 17:10:23

You are totally right. I don't want dogs clambering all over me or my child if he isn't happy about it. If the dog is knocking over the nephew and making him cry then they need better control of the dog. YANBU

PayingMyWayYouSay Fri 30-Jun-17 17:10:42

In all fairness, he doesn't have any balls grin

Orangebird69 Fri 30-Jun-17 17:12:01

Yanbu when baby is newborn. You may need to unclench a bit when they're a toddler though. My ds invites 'kisses' from my dms dogs whether I like it or not. He hasn't died yet so try not to worry...

NicolasFlamel Fri 30-Jun-17 17:12:31

No I wouldnt allow that. It's gross and I don't think dogs should be allowed to get in people's faces anyway. I think people forget they're actually animals. I love my dog but she knows she's not the "alpha" in our family. She doesn't jump up, knock people over and lick faces.

PayingMyWayYouSay Fri 30-Jun-17 17:12:31

DH can't stand to see him locked in the kitchen and gets really stressed when MIL has lots of people round, especially grandchildren, because he just goes mental and cries like a hyena if locked out

JamPasty Fri 30-Jun-17 17:14:04

It's not so much the licking, as letting a dog put its jaws that close to a baby. Just no!

FizzyGreenWater Fri 30-Jun-17 17:14:04

Ok, I'm pretty laid back about dogs but I would point-blank refuse to take a newborn to a house with a dog that wasn't under control at all times.

It doesn't have to be bad tempered. A heavy excitable dog that isn't trained to listen could injure a baby, easily. He won't get off your bump? What will you do when he plants himself on the baby?

Knocking over your nephew and making him cry should mean that your MIL/DH/whoever is in charge responds. Clearly they aren't.

That's without the licking. No, I wouldn't fancy my baby's mouth having second-hand dog poo smeared on it thanks to bum-licking dog. Your DH's comment is utterly ridiculous.

Tell him now that you won't be visiting the house while the baby is newborn and MIL can come to you. And stick to it.

pigsDOfly Fri 30-Jun-17 17:14:05

Well in your shoes I'd be making damn sure Henry doesn't get to lick my baby's face.

Keep your baby well out of his reach and when he climbs on you stand up, say down in a firm voice and turn your back on him.

You might not manage to train him to get off you but you'll be making your point to everyone around you.

I can't stand it when people don't control their dogs and allow them to climb on other people. And letting them lick their faces is disgusting to my mind. I don't allow my dog to lick my face, let alone expect others to accept it. Horrible.

TipTopTipTopClop Fri 30-Jun-17 17:16:22

Goodness, your baby is a newborn? I wouldn't allow this.

Our dog licks my kids' faces and there's not much I can do about that, but they're 11 and 14.

alisonyawn Fri 30-Jun-17 17:16:46


I'm not a dog person personally, I don't like being jumped up, and the neediness and the yapping/whining.
My friend has a dog exactly like you are describing and her and her husband think it's cute when the dog jumps up and scrabbles at us. Me and my husband hate it (I admit we're cat people too!). They've just had twin girls and are starting to realise just how dangerous/unhygienic the dogs behaviour can be.

PayingMyWayYouSay Fri 30-Jun-17 17:20:24

DH and MIL all look a bit hmm when I firmly demand to him that he gets down. He's absolutely lovely in spirit but he is out of control.

DS isn't born yet as my OP says so I shall have to remind DH that I won't be allowing him near baby so soon.

MeanAger Fri 30-Jun-17 17:21:47


I love dogs, I have a dog, I had a dog when I had a newborn but no, just no! Dogs shouldn't be licking babies faces. A dog that jumps up and doesn't get down when asked is a poorly trained dog and I wouldn't be having it around my baby at all. It's owners have let it down and created this situation.

tigercub50 Fri 30-Jun-17 17:22:24

Can't bear licky dogs! When you think where they've been! And it's not hard to get your dog trained when it's a puppy. I'm with everyone else OP

PayingMyWayYouSay Fri 30-Jun-17 17:24:04

My issue with Henry is he certainly hasn't got a bad bone in his body, but...

1. He is very strong and heavy

2. He does not listen well DH, let alone anyone else

FizzyGreenWater Fri 30-Jun-17 17:31:43

It's dangerous.

That's the bottom line. An uncontrolled dog is dangerous for a newborn.

No visits unless dog is controlled = dog is not controlled = no visits.

Laiste Fri 30-Jun-17 17:32:12

You need to have a chat with DH calmly in your own home. Tell him you have a concern and you'd like to get it off your chest:

'I know you love Henry, but i hate to see the way you look at me when i try to get him off my bump. It hurts when he jumps up and and i can't just sit there and pretend i love it. I don't understand why you'd want me to. When the baby is born i'm not going to let the dog jump up or lick it's face. The dog doesn't have feelings about this one way or the other but i do!''.

hope you're better at staying calm than i'd be!''

TooGood2BeFalse Fri 30-Jun-17 17:35:55

If you don't trust the dog, end of.

I have a pekepoo rescue that is still not left alone with my FIVE year old. Because animals and children are unpredictable. Our dog responds very well to us and is not rough at all..but he is an animal. I also have an 11 month old. I regularly sit with my kids on the floor to talk to him and my dad's 4 chihuahuas, but literally from the get go I have told them no chasing, pulling,biting etc.They both love dogs(well 11 month old son far) but l'm really strict in how they behave around them . I hate kids being allowed to maul animals like they're toys.

My sisters dogs don't respond well to commands and are very sensitive.Baby is not allowed on the floor there are more than 2 and I or someone else is right next to him(she has six).It's a hard balance between teaching your children how to treat animals without installing fear.

But if you don't trust the dog, YANBU.Your DH should listen to this and see the danger for himself.

PayingMyWayYouSay Sat 01-Jul-17 10:24:52

Well I went to say something this morning but MIL and DH were playing the 'mummy and Daddy' thing with Henry and playing with his favourite toy, saying

'Give it to Daddy, now give it to mummy' blush

Justhadmyhaircut Sat 01-Jul-17 10:28:27

Sounds like its not only the dog that has no balls if your dh wont stand up for you. .

QuestionARhino Sat 01-Jul-17 10:38:59

@PayingMyWayYouSay hmm presumably MIL is "mummy" and DH is "daddy"? Sorry... That's weird. My mum's our dog's mum and I'm the dog's sister blush (even though I do all the care, mum adopted her when I was in my teens). Joint dog parents though, that made me cringe a bit sorry.

I am very much a dog lover and absolutely adore mine, I kiss her on the cheek all the time but we don't need to talk about that grin but she will absolutely not be allowed to lick my baby's face come September. It is unhygienic and irresponsible imo. It will be harder to stop when baby's toddling about but a newborn? F no. And honestly our dog gets away with loads that she shouldn't, she gets on the bed, gets smothered in kisses, and she's a real face licker (especially the mouth, appaz a sign of affection or something) though we avoid that bc dog breath. But the rules are different when a baby's in the house. Stick to your guns, I wouldn't back down on this one.

LittleLionMansMummy Sat 01-Jul-17 10:41:08

Yanbu. My dsis has a dog that does this. She let it lick my niece's face when she was a baby and it always tries to lick 7mo dd but gets pushed away. It's a staffie so loves children but whittles and whines the whole time dd is there because she wants to lick her. She's a sweet natured dog who has been raised around children. But I don't like her licking because I've seen what she eats and vomits up and also I do worry about her strong jaws if she does turn for some reason. She doesn't get left alone with dd by me either though I'm sure dsis would...

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