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To take this application form into school?

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cardboardboxx Fri 30-Jun-17 16:10:16

I applied for a TA job and emailed the form to the school's admin team. The next day I emailed asking them to let me know they had received the application.

Today I rung asking them if they could let me know and they said someone would get back to me but I've heard nothing.

I'm quite new to applying for jobs so I'm not sure how long to leave it. Should I just drop a printed copy off at the school? Or should I just wait a few more days? Closing date is next Friday. Thank you

YesMadamDeputySpeaker Fri 30-Jun-17 16:17:58

If you've already emailed them an application form you shouldn't need to give them another copy. School offices are notoriously busy.

If it really bothers you I'd chase it up at some point in the middle of next week but probably best just to leave it till then.

Best of luck for the job!

YesMadamDeputySpeaker Fri 30-Jun-17 16:18:49

Sorry, forgot to add on - school offices are notoriously busy which is probably why they haven't got back to you immediately!

Tiredtomybones Fri 30-Jun-17 16:26:53

I work on the basis that if I don't receive an auto-generated email saying the email was undelivered (meaning I made a spelling mistake in the address, or used an invalid address for example) then it has been received by the intended organisation and will make its way to the right person. It's a busy time of year in an already busy environment (new intake, induction etc to sort in secondary and primary) so I honestly wouldn't chase it again or drop a hard copy off. That's an extra layer of work for all concerned.

WipsGlitter Fri 30-Jun-17 16:49:50

Why did you email the next day? Why didn't you add a line to your cover note?

I'd not keep chasing or you'll be that annoying person who kept pestering us about her application.

cardboardboxx Fri 30-Jun-17 17:06:55

I forgot to blush not very professional I know.

Yeah, I shouldn't really have rung this morning should I?

YesMadamDeputySpeaker Fri 30-Jun-17 17:11:25

Personally I wouldn't have emailed and rung them. Definitely wouldn't advise dropping in with a paper copy.

cardboardboxx Fri 30-Jun-17 17:15:55

Ah no, hope I've not blown my chances! Really want this job! As I said I'm very new to all this. I need someone to proof read things for me really!

Babbaganush Fri 30-Jun-17 17:16:02

In my area the online applications go to HR in the local authority and they are forwarded to the school all together once the deadline for applications has passed, usually the next day. The school may not know who has applied yet.

cardboardboxx Fri 30-Jun-17 17:17:28

It was emailed to the school admin team. The email address was @schoolname.

Babbaganush Fri 30-Jun-17 17:19:47

In that case DO NOT bother them again, as others have said they will be really busy.

cardboardboxx Fri 30-Jun-17 17:21:46

Okay thank you. Argh I'm so annoyed at myself now!

cardboardboxx Fri 30-Jun-17 17:25:34

Do you think it could've already ruined my chances?

SandyDenny Fri 30-Jun-17 17:28:17

It's very unlikely that the email system isn't working, don't bother them again. It would annoy me if I was recruiting

BeaveredBadgered Fri 30-Jun-17 17:31:49

You likely won't have blown it. I still interviewed 'keen' applicants if they were good on paper. Best of luck!

cardboardboxx Fri 30-Jun-17 17:37:20

Thank you for your replies smile

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