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DH keeps hijacking my binges.

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EssieTregowan Thu 29-Jun-17 21:37:23

It's deeply annoying. He'll come in and watch half an episode and then decide he wants to watch the whole series with me.

So then we have to watch it at his pace. Which basically means an episode every few days if I'm lucky.

He's just done it with Arrow. I was only on the first episode and he came in about ten minutes into it. He watched the whole episode with me and declared it brilliant and said we can watch it together from now on.

And then he went to do some work. And he's still working. So instead of carrying on with Arrow I've had to start watching Outlander.

I can't live like this. I can't watch an episode a week. I can't switch between different shows. It's all wrong.

I'm not being unreasonable, am I? It's not my fault he doesn't have the stamina free time for binge watching, is it?

(I do quite often watch ahead tbf but when he's working in the next room it feels a bit, I don't know, grubby and underhand).

SerfTerf Thu 29-Jun-17 21:39:33

The answer is stealth binging. It does help if you both work odd hours.

FizzyGreenWater Thu 29-Jun-17 21:41:25

No! Just tell him it's spoiling it for you.

He can catch up in his own time.

Dawnedlightly Thu 29-Jun-17 21:41:40

Stealth binge then stealth mumsnet while he catches up I never do that, no never

EssieTregowan Thu 29-Jun-17 21:42:27

I'm at home during the day so do get a fair bit of stealth bingeing in then. It's the evenings though. I end up watching any old nonsense because if I carry on with something he's earmarked it feels a bit rude.

Outlander looks good though. I'm keeping this one under wraps.

Seenoevil Thu 29-Jun-17 21:42:35

Just say no, your watching thisgrin

supermoon100 Thu 29-Jun-17 22:18:35


Gemini69 Thu 29-Jun-17 22:23:48

I'm binging on Orange is the new Black.. hell if I'm watching this with him even in the building.. its graphic... and MY guilty pleasure... lol

Weebitty Thu 29-Jun-17 22:28:39

mines does this....professes no interest...'what's this rubbish your watching?' etc etc. then it's 'put your programme on if you like love ' then it's 'how did they get there? what's going on? have you watched ahead? ' every. time. ffs.

missiondecision Thu 29-Jun-17 22:30:56

Watching on phone. I've never done that .grin

TheEmmaDilemma Thu 29-Jun-17 22:31:57

YANBU. This just pisses me off.

MyOtherNameIsTaken Thu 29-Jun-17 22:33:31

Headphones. Bedroom. Works every time.

HerBluebiro Fri 30-Jun-17 09:17:14

Oh my God weebitty.... are you married to me?

I swear I'm not interested in dp's rubbish. I'm playing on my computer or phone..... don't care what's on the screen. Wait a minute. I've missed an episode and have no idea what's going on!

Allthebestnamesareused Fri 30-Jun-17 09:34:04

I like the scandi and foreign ones with subtitles and my husband doesn't usually.

He came home once early just as I was about to start watching Midnight Sun as my daytime viewing. Obviously anyone who has seen this and knows the opening scene will understand why he decided he wanted to watch too. However, we watched about 3 episodes that day and he decided to take a day off later that week so we could watch it all!

I love finding things that I can watch in the day - when I have some spare time- rather than the usual daytime drab offerings!

NameChange30 Fri 30-Jun-17 09:36:45

Meh, if he regularly works in the evenings, he's working too much. Crack on without him wink

44PumpLane Fri 30-Jun-17 09:41:30

YANBU! This is essentially why I've not watched more than the first two seasons of Game of Thrones!

I would happily just binge watch it but DH finds it a bit too graphic so he likes something a bit more lighthearted before he goes to bed and also doesn't want to watch more than one or two episodes a night.

Bloody annoying if you ask me!

AHedgehogCanNeverBeBuggered Fri 30-Jun-17 09:44:17

Outlander is brill, but the books are even better - he can't muscle in on it if you're reading it rather than watching it!

OOAOML Fri 30-Jun-17 09:44:49

Tell him he doesn't get to 'declare' you'll watch it together? Tell him you're going to carry in watching and if he wants to catch up he can do it in his own time?

Nancy91 Fri 30-Jun-17 09:46:52

Mine reads spoilers on the shows we are watching and then pretends to guess what happens when he knows it is going to happen so then I know that he is right when he guesses and it ruins the show and I hate him arghhhhhh

I feel better now I've got that out grin

yousmelllikeroastedcorn Fri 30-Jun-17 09:50:28

Mine does this - it's really bloody irritating! I give him a week and then if we've not watched any new episodes I just get on with it without him. I think he expects me to just sit silently staring at the wall when he's not there hmm

WomblingThree Fri 30-Jun-17 09:57:45

I've done this so many times 😳. DH now stealth binges in the mornings before work while I'm still in bed. Can't say as I blame him!

BeeFarseer Fri 30-Jun-17 09:59:16

My DH did this, until I cracked and told him I was sick of him muscling in on what I'm watching and that I don't get much spare time to watch anything, so it was really annoying.

He got a bit cross with me over it, until I pointed out he goes ahead and watches stuff that I'm also interested in, and never waits until I'm around, so I'm only doing the same. He didn't believe me until I reeled off a list. wink

Our solution is that there are some shows that are sacred and must never be watched apart, like Game of Thrones and Suits, but everything else is fair game unless it's REALLY REALLY good, which must be decided immediately after the end of the first episode.

OohMavis Fri 30-Jun-17 10:00:50

You won this one, Outlander shits all over Arrow.

Och, aye.

OohMavis Fri 30-Jun-17 10:01:45

DH sometimes hooks into a binge but he's reasonable and we watch it separately!

OOAOML Fri 30-Jun-17 10:08:07

This thread is making me realise there are upsides to just having basic freeview. We watch stuff when it is on, quite often watch DVDs, and if I want to watch something else on iplayer I use my laptop. But I still wouldn't be sitting around waiting for DH to be ready for me to watch something.

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