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Worried I have a police caution

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Nonethewizer Thu 29-Jun-17 00:06:39

I won't go into detail. A few years ago. Someone tried to get me into trouble. It escalated and I ended up having to go to the police station and be 'interviewed under caution.'
The police officer was sympathetic when she heard my side of the story and after speaking to her superior came back and told me that it wouldn't be taken any further. I didn't have to sign anything, have photos or fingerprints taken. I can't remember if I signed anything or not but I'm pretty sure I didn't but my name and address was taken and put into the computer ready to record the interview. I asked her if this would go on my record as I work with children and it all seemed so offcial. She said nothing would happen.
I'm due a new dbs check later this year and I'm worried this will show up.
What do you think?
Are you given paperwork when you are given an actual police caution?
Do they make it clear they are giving you a caution?

Patriciathestripper1 Thu 29-Jun-17 00:09:22

Bumping for you as similar thing happened to me but I signed the police mans note book so always wondered if it was on record and hope someone will know

DancingLedge Thu 29-Jun-17 00:09:56

Sounds like it'll be fine

PookieDo Thu 29-Jun-17 00:11:57

When I got a caution as a teen I was read a whole speil about it being an official caution on my record and what it could mean if I did any other crimes under a caution that would last until I was 18. I also think something was signed

I did something silly with some friends when I was 14.

ChildishGambino Thu 29-Jun-17 00:12:57

A caution is not the same thing as being interviewed under caution.

PookieDo Thu 29-Jun-17 00:15:36

No it isn't. I got interviewed under caution then given a caution at the end

Grilledaubergines Thu 29-Jun-17 00:16:59

What's the difference childish ?

snowpo Thu 29-Jun-17 00:17:42

childish is right, if you are given a caution you have to sign that you accept and it's given by a higher rank officer. Likely the only record might be an old report and interview records neither of which will be disclosed in a check.

UnconsideredTrifles Thu 29-Jun-17 00:22:20

Interviewed under caution just means that you've been given the official 'anything you say' warning. Being given an actual caution is a bigger deal and they would have checked you understood that this was happening.

snowpo Thu 29-Jun-17 00:23:47

Interview under caution just means you have been told 'you do not have to say anything but anything you do say.....etc '
An official caution is like an official acknowledgment by yourself about something you did & kind of like final warning.
God know why they chose same word.

snowpo Thu 29-Jun-17 00:24:20

Sorry, x post.

AnniesTurn Thu 29-Jun-17 00:26:18

I've drummed it in to my DC not to just accept a caution because it's easy. It does stay on your record, one of my best friends has ruined her whole career (which she can't pursue) as she has a caution for a violent offence. If she'd gone to court it would have been very difficult to prove guilt. It was sold as not being an issue.

Sounds like you were interviewed not given a caution though. Sure you would remember if you had accepted one.

UrsulaPandress Thu 29-Jun-17 00:30:01

I was cautioned for under age drinking and remember being told that I wouldn't be able to emigrate to Australia.

I'm 58 now and it hasn't bothered me yet.

Never had a dbs check though.

PersianCatLady Thu 29-Jun-17 00:32:30

I think you have got confused here.

Being interviewed under caution is not the same as being given a caution.

When an adult is given a caution, it usually has to be given by an Inspector or above and you would have to agree to accept it.

Unless you specifically remember this happening , you did not get a caution.

Nonethewizer Thu 29-Jun-17 00:32:34

I have to have a dbs check every few years. My last one was right before this happened. Literally weeks before.
To be honest I'm very surprised I never got a caution as a teenager with the stuff I got upto.

CryptoFascist Thu 29-Jun-17 00:34:44

I had a caution for shoplifting as a young teen but it has never shown up on any dbs checks, and I have had many. I have occasionally wondered whether it was a real caution or they just wanted to scare me. I think I signed something though.

snowpo Thu 29-Jun-17 00:35:46

And Patricia a signed notebook won't be held as any kind of official record against you unless it was progressed in any way, which you would know about. It's probably long filed away by now.

PookieDo Thu 29-Jun-17 00:40:09

I got cautioned for bloody trespassing. They couldn't prove it but I couldn't disprove it. Some horrible girl who didn't like me told them it was me and I took it just to get out of the station, TBH I was terrified

Nonethewizer Thu 29-Jun-17 00:42:28

Thanks for all your replies. I just don't trust my own judgement sometimes. I still don't think I can relax until my check comes back. Which could be anything upto 3 months away. Arrghh. It's like waiting to see if you've got a speeding ticket but so much worse.

Lynnm63 Thu 29-Jun-17 00:50:05

Interview under caution isnt the same as accepting a caution. Interview under caution means you've been read your rights so anything you say or don't say can be used against you. You'd need to sign something to say you'd accepted a caution. It sounds like you were arrested, interviewed and police decided on no further action therefore you're guilty of nothing.

neddle Thu 29-Jun-17 00:52:40

I was given a caution about 8 years ago. Had my latest dbs check through GirlGuiding at the beginning of this year and it went through fine. I appreciate though that if you work somewhere like a school or nursery, things might be different as I'm only a volunteer.

PyongyangKipperbang Thu 29-Jun-17 00:58:26

Someone tried to get me into trouble when I was 19. Bascially a housemate stole another housemates giro, countersigned it and cashed it but used my name instead of theirs. So when the stolen giro was produced it had my name on it. I was very frightened and was put under an enormous amount of pressure by the interviewing officer. She said if I admitted it then I could go home, so I did.

I know now that it was a stupid thing to do but I cannot describe how frightened I was. She then came back and said I would have a caution but I dont remember signing anything and it was done by a PC not a senior office. This was 25 years ago. I am very worried as I am considering going into teaching and have no idea if I have an official caution or not and whether it will mean I dont pass enhanced DBS sad

PigletJohn Thu 29-Jun-17 01:25:01

you can apply for your own DBS and see what it says.

When I did mine I applied by post to Scotland as the process is (was?) slightly different, although I was in England. I was getting it to support a licence application.

PyongyangKipperbang Thu 29-Jun-17 01:37:44

Thanks Piglet but just had a look and it doesnt show any spent convictions/cautions that would appear on an enhanced disclosure sad

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