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To feel discriminated against by jet2

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Smiler1972 Wed 28-Jun-17 20:05:23

So I'm flying to Spain on Friday and want to take a car seat and buggy- you can, but only free if up to 10kgs anything over you pay excess baggage. No problem I don't mind paying.

My annoyance is i know these two items will be over 10kgs so I've asked if I can check one in - like you would if golf clubs or skis. They won't allow this....

So to take golf clubs is £25 each way. Excess baggage is £12 per kilo. So if I'm over 2kgs over (which I will be) I'm going to be paying much more than if I was taking my skis with me (I don't have skis btw).

I want to take a car seat so I know my to tear ikd is safe, rear facing and in a seat i trust.

So AIBU to be feeling a little hard done to? I've asked them if they advise I hide my buggy in a golf bag.

Smiler1972 Wed 28-Jun-17 20:06:35

Edited - I want to take a car seat so I know my to two year old is safe, rear facing and in a seat i trust.

welshweasel Wed 28-Jun-17 20:08:18

Zero chance they will weigh them. Keep your kid strapped into the buggy at check in.

beautifulgirls Wed 28-Jun-17 20:10:18

Most airlines let you have the car seat in the cabin with you additional to other luggage allowances and the buggy usually goes to the gate with the child and is taken from you at the point of boarding and put into the hold luggage. Their policy sounds wierd. strange.

Smiler1972 Wed 28-Jun-17 20:11:02

I've had a car seat weighed before and this new one is def over 10kgs (steel frame)

But yes agree there is a chance they will let it through. But if not I'm out of pocket despite being honest and offering to pay.

Smiler1972 Wed 28-Jun-17 20:13:11

Car seat always gone in hold with cases - never been allowed it in the cabin before.

Which airline allows them in cabin? We are flying budget airline.

welshweasel Wed 28-Jun-17 20:15:42

You can take a car seat in the cabin but it has to be airline approved and as far as I can recall there are only one or two erf seats that are. It's also a ballache having to cart it round the airport. I wouldn't bother for such a short flight. I'd be really surprised if you get made to pay extra though.

Smiler1972 Wed 28-Jun-17 20:21:33

I think the only airline approved ones are stage 1. I agree not worth it anyway for a short flight.
Just more annoyed and perplexed at their policy of not allowing me to pay to have it as an extra piece of equipment like sports gear.

dementedpixie Wed 28-Jun-17 20:21:43

Will you be using the car seat while you are away? We've never taken one on holiday with us.

Smiler1972 Wed 28-Jun-17 20:25:26

Yes we have a car in Spain (so it's going and staying there). Prior to this I always took a car seat to use in the hire car.

welshweasel Wed 28-Jun-17 20:25:46

We always take ours (joie every stage) for the same reasons you do. Think it's been weighed once but we've never been told to take DS out of the buggy to weigh that. There are some erf seats that are approved, prettt sure the Britax two way elite is one of them. No use if yours isn't though. Airlines have all manner of weird and wonderful rules though, we are usually trying to take dive equipment as well as car seat and buggy. That causes all manner of issues!

Smiler1972 Wed 28-Jun-17 20:31:07

I think they do it just to make travelling with a small child even more difficult.
They have replied that they don't allow hiding the buggy in a golf bag. They didn't get the sarcasm.

WowserBowser Wed 28-Jun-17 20:33:44

We recently went to Spain with EasyJet.

Checked in luggage. Went and checked in car seat with the golfers etc. Then drove dd to the aeroplane in her pushchair. Through customs and that. Then when we reached the aeroplane door they asked us to fold it down and chucked it out of the opposite door (or whatever they do with it) to be put in hold.

Nothing was weighed or owt

Smiler1972 Wed 28-Jun-17 20:36:01

I'm probably getting annoyed for no reason. Just I know the car seat is over 10kg on its own so think they will weigh the buggy out of spite.

WowserBowser Wed 28-Jun-17 20:38:03

No, I hear ya. Travelling with all the baby's stuff is a ballache as it is, nevermind this extra complication.

PyongyangKipperbang Wed 28-Jun-17 20:42:40

If you own property out there, cant you courier it to Spain to be delivered either the day you arrive or left with whoever caretakes your property?

Gingernut81 Wed 28-Jun-17 20:45:24

I've found easyJet really good on this front. They allow you two items so I've flown with car seat which was checked in and as previous poster said have then taken the pushchair all the way to the gate. They also allow you an extra bag as hand luggage.

Largebucket Wed 28-Jun-17 20:51:54

Is it possible to buy a suitable one in Spain anywhere near where you'll be at a cost of under £120?

Smiler1972 Wed 28-Jun-17 20:52:16

Going at short notice - it's just a small apartment and would be difficult to be there for courier- no reception etc as it's a residential block.
Jet 2 allow two items but there is the weight limit - which I agree with but don't want to get stung on excess baggage.

Ginorchoc Wed 28-Jun-17 20:55:15

Can you hire one with the car?

user1495025590 Wed 28-Jun-17 20:56:27

Is there a child discount
Maybe people using golf clubs have generally paid full fare whereas people riding in car seats and pushchairs haven't?

Smiler1972 Wed 28-Jun-17 20:56:34

We've bought a car so taking the car seat to leave in it there.

Smiler1972 Wed 28-Jun-17 20:58:10

Child over two pays full fare. They aren't riding in the car seat I just want to put it in the hold, pay for it legitimately, but they won't let me. My argument is i could pay for golf clubs, skis or a bike cheaper than paying excess baggage. Golf clubs don't go free regardless if you pay full fare or not they are £25 each way.

cestlavielife Wed 28-Jun-17 21:00:50

Buy one in spain

Smiler1972 Wed 28-Jun-17 21:03:48

Have you ever bought child equipment in Spain?

It's A LOT more expensive
We are in a small town that has one baby clothes shop
I want the seat I choose and I may not be able to buy this in Spain
Our car is waiting for us at the airport so need the seat to get child to the apartment

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