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Cancelled Hospital Appointment no further date

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ohh Wed 28-Jun-17 13:26:36

Endocrinology rang me up yesterday to cancel a follow up appointment. angry

Initially had a first consultation visit on 23 May and was told to get bloods taken am and then the receptionist will book a follow up appointment for 4 weeks as the locum consultant was going elsewhere and they were getting another consultant in.

I had to ring them 3 weeks after as not heard a thing. They booked me in for 03 July.

Hospital sent a letter to me and my doctors describing the findings and plan of action pending results of blood tests.

They rang me yesterday to cancel saying they didn't have a doctor/consultant and the appointment might not be until the end of August!

Do you think AIBU to ring my doctors and ask if they have blood results and get meds issued by them instead?

Fed up with waiting as cannot get into local hospital have to travel 1 hr away. Diabetic/Endocrinology Outpatients are scarce around here!

araiwa Wed 28-Jun-17 14:01:01

Ring your gp and ask if they can do anything or if they need to wait for specialist

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