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To leave a sign on the door?

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ZestyLimeAndKiwi Wed 28-Jun-17 09:17:05

I am having an important parcel delivered today. Hermes haven't given me a time frame so it could be any time today.
I have another parcel coming before one so I am going to wait in for that one.
However my cousin has travelled a long way to see me and DD and we arranged to meet in the city. I don't want to let my cousin down but I don't want to miss the parcel.
My neighbor often takes in parcels for us but sometimes couriers don't try next door and just say the will redeliver which would mean another day waiting for the parcel.
Would I be unreasonable to leave a note on the door asking for the parcel to go next door? When I wanted to this the other week DD said that it would be an advert that I was out the house which is true!

Sirzy Wed 28-Jun-17 09:18:15

If you are leaving a note make sure you specifically ask your neighbour first!

ZestyLimeAndKiwi Wed 28-Jun-17 09:19:08

Yes I would do that :-). Luckily we get on well with them so hopefully they will say yes

Bluntness100 Wed 28-Jun-17 09:21:15

I did that this morning when I put my car in for a service as also recieving a parcel, however I am not overlooked and you specifically have to come into the garden and up to the front door to see it.

I'd put a piece of cardboard, taped to the door and down at ground level asking. Then I'd ask my neighbour to have a look out for it arriving.

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