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ShitStorm2017 Wed 28-Jun-17 08:48:45

Posting for traffic!

Does slimming world work? I want to lose 3 stone in a year. I'm very shy and struggle to exercise.

What is it? How does it work? Do you find the support helpful or would I struggle with my anxiety?

waitforitfdear Wed 28-Jun-17 08:54:02

My friend went and found them lovely and supportive. Regarding excersise get a DVD for your home or a garden trampoline they are awesome for getting fitter.

Good luck go for it op flowers

CountryCaterpillar Wed 28-Jun-17 08:57:14

Have a look at rebelfit on fb for an alternate view.... they think most people put the weight back on and it encourages disordered eating!!!

overwhelmedbyitall Wed 28-Jun-17 08:58:20

Yes it does, if you follow the plan. I lost almost 3 stone in 9 months and have stayed at my target weight or close enough since Christmas.

katienana Wed 28-Jun-17 08:59:33

It worked for me and for my mum. Basically you can eat fruit, veg, lean meat and fish. You can also have pasta, potatoes, rice, cous cous. You can also have limited quantities of dairy and bread/c ereal. On top of that you choose syns which are foods with a fat/sugar content. So if you like a drink, you can have one. If you want to use your allowance for oil, avocado or full fat yoghurt you can. I use mine on choc or ice cream usually.
I find it easy to stick to, there are lots of recipes online and you can buy books at the classes. Give it a go, if you want you can do it online but it's probably better to go to group.

InfiniteSheldon Wed 28-Jun-17 09:07:32

Groups are lovely and supportive and usually have great FB pages to help you in between. It's an easy healthy plan to follow. It's absolute rubbish to say most people put the weight back on as SW encourages changes to your eating habits, it's not a diet it's more a lifestyle change with support. I lost four stone ten years ago and have kept it off my. Good luck flowers

DeleteOrDecay Wed 28-Jun-17 09:49:20

Yes it does work. I did it for 2 weeks and lost 6lbs but unfortunately I fell off the wagon and never got back on.

I'm not overly keen on the use of 'low fat' versions of things like cheese, yogurt, cream etc. I just don't like the taste/consistency of most 'low fat' products so it doesn't really work for me, but if you stick to it you can lose weight.

Migraleve Wed 28-Jun-17 09:51:45

It does work. And contrary to popular belief you do not have to eat muller lights or curly wurly's. Ever.

Sirzy Wed 28-Jun-17 09:53:51

I have lost 7 stone and kept it off for over 18 months now.

WatchingFromTheWings Wed 28-Jun-17 10:32:42

I've lost 2 stone in a year, want to lose one more. Each of the groups have their own Facebook page which I find good for support and meal ideas.

Sunnydaysrock Wed 28-Jun-17 10:35:11

Its great. First went 13 years ago. Always follow the plan to some extent..weekends and holidays excluded, and I am below my original target weight.

MumIsRunningAMarathon Wed 28-Jun-17 10:48:33

Yes it works

But most'diets' do if you want them to

I find SW support in group and social media invaluable

And 3 stone in a year? That's less than a pound a week loss.... easy

BeepBeepMOVE Wed 28-Jun-17 10:51:06

There is literally a whole topic devoted to slimming world.

Click here

Fucking hate all this posting for traffic junk mail.

MumIsRunningAMarathon Wed 28-Jun-17 11:06:13

beep you seem to think you are the thread police today.... just because you don't like it doesn't mean we all have to dance to your tune

Report to MN if you don't like it ( and same about other SW thread you are wanting moved)

Sirzy Wed 28-Jun-17 11:07:52

Problem with posting a thread like this in the dedicated SW section would be you are unlikely to get a cross section of views

BeepBeepMOVE Wed 28-Jun-17 11:41:15

Okay then mum let's not have topics at all. Lets all post random crap about stuff everywhere. This OP hadn't even bothered to frame her title as a pretend AIBU.

MumIsRunningAMarathon Wed 28-Jun-17 11:48:25

People who have tried slimming world and disliked it or it wasn't for them are not likely to post in the slimming world section are they!??

They are likely to have 'hidden' the topic!!!

So no point in op posting in there,as sirzy also pointed out.....

Poorpearl Wed 28-Jun-17 11:52:44

My trainer doesn't like slimming world as she says it causes loss of too much muscle mass which in turn slows your metabolism. She advocates fairly short high intensity e exercise coupled with not too much of a reduction in calories but a reduction in simple carbs and sugar. I think you'd be better off speaking to a personal trainer, even if you just get one or two sessions (or more if you can afford it) and taking their advice. I always think I'd rather have the body of a personal trainer than that of one of the slimming world leaders

Lymmmummy Wed 28-Jun-17 11:57:42

I have found it quite slow but I am struggling sometimes to do the full on food combining at all times or to do specific SW recipes

We have a great leader and I would say it's a supportive environment where the vast majority of people will successfully lose weight and no one is judged at all

I have lost approx 1stone in say 6 weeks it feels slow at 2lb or 1lb a week in fact one week I even put on a small amount but equally I think the gradual nature of the weight loss is better than fad diets which are unsustainable

JaceLancs Wed 28-Jun-17 11:58:48

Ive lost 3 stone since xmas with a combination of SW and swimming/gym 3 times a week
I still want to lose more but weight loss has slowed down
I find SW keeps me motivated but agree with others comments just make it work for you I hate yoghurt am gluten free and only occasionally try SW recipes

RockyBird Wed 28-Jun-17 11:59:22

Check out Richie Howey's fb page for his take on Slimming World

Yukbuck Wed 28-Jun-17 12:09:02

I have started it recently. So can't comment on progress. But I quite like the set up of the plan. I work long hours though and my problem is the planning in advance. Like lunches etc... but I am mindful of the general idea of the plan and am trying to somewhat stick at it. I don't really have time at the moment to fit in exercise apart from a few sit ups at home haha. Once things settle down a bit at work then I'm going to try a bit of a combo of swimming / running to help speed up a bit of weight loss. I signed up online for 3 months so something in me will try to follow it for at least that long to see how I get on.
It really is a lifestyle change rather than a diet though. The only points thing is syns which is a good thing really.

MrsMarmite1234 Wed 28-Jun-17 12:11:38

I'm one year in on Thursday and 4st down so it does work. You've got to stick at it but make sure you still have a life or it's not sustainable. Good luck!

Paulrn Wed 28-Jun-17 12:29:31

It really does work, I was very sceptical but we joined together and both lost 4 stone. People say that you will put the weight back on and of course you will if you revert to your old ways, that's where it came from in the first place. Forget looking at it as a diet more a change of what and how you eat which has to be forever

Marble2302 Wed 28-Jun-17 12:34:03

It does work but it's not for me. I loat 2 stone then moved onto weight watchers as it has more portion control. I have lost 4 stone in total and I am at target now.

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