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To be loosing patience with ill ds.

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Rinkydinkypink Tue 27-Jun-17 05:13:51

DS is ten. In bed with that he's just started with. Sadly it was me who gave it to him.

It's not pleasant flu. It's proper ache, dizzy, hot cold sweats flu. He's in his bed with a big drink of water. Ive opened his windows slightly for air. He's had paracetamol. His temp is stable. I can do no more for him other than make him to rest to get better.

He's crying. Not in a natural way but in a forced loud attention seeking way. He's been into my room 4 times in last 45 minutes. I can do no more. He must rest now.

I still have the flu so feeling equally grotty. He's got younger siblings who if he wakes up i will be furious. Theyve had it and although weren't happy about it didn't carry on like this. My dh is shattered after his long work hours and doing meals, bedtimes etc. So I'm trying to sort it out.

DS is getting on my nerves! I know he feels like shit but if hes got enough energy to make a fuss.

user1497480444 Tue 27-Jun-17 05:27:09



Nishky Tue 27-Jun-17 05:35:40

Yabu- poor kid

MrsOverTheRoad Tue 27-Jun-17 05:41:09

Can't he lie with you?

pigeondujour Tue 27-Jun-17 05:41:34

Could he not come in with you? It's so lonely feeling poorly at night.

RadioGaGoo Tue 27-Jun-17 05:42:48

I don't think YABU to lose your patience in this situation, it just depends how you are dealing with it. If you are ranting on MN for relief then that's great, but if your frustration is taken out on DS, then you ABU. Your DS is feeling poorly and will look to you for comfort, just as he would have relied on you for comfort as a small baby.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Tue 27-Jun-17 05:47:10

It's not night now. It's morning, just early. I understand he's feeling bad but if he is the last one in the family to get this and nobody else made such a fuss my sympathy would be limited too. He's 10, not 2,

furryelephant Tue 27-Jun-17 05:47:31

Oh poor thing, he just wants some comfort bless him sadI feel like shit and have had an hours sleep, but my 6 month old has been vomiting all night and only wants to sleep on my chest. Poorly kids just need love sad

user1497480444 Tue 27-Jun-17 05:47:49

I was going to say why can't he lie in your bed, or you lie with him in his?

NerrSnerr Tue 27-Jun-17 05:48:02

Yabvu illnesses affect people differently. 10 is still young and it sounds like he needs a cuddle.

londonrach Tue 27-Jun-17 05:50:39

Yabu. He just wants his mum. He feels ill.

NellWilsonsWhiteHair Tue 27-Jun-17 05:51:54

Oh, horrible for you both - it's really really hard to keep finding the resources to care for children at all when you're ill, so much more so when they're also ill. (Horrible memories of napping on the hallway floor with a 3yo because I couldn't find the energy to get either of us into a bed...)

flowers brew

ShimmeringIce Tue 27-Jun-17 05:52:21


Well, maybe you are but I know how you feel. DD has just had a cold, and a nasty cough and when I'm tired it's just infuriating, so annoying. Poor kid!

kw1091 Tue 27-Jun-17 06:05:45

Sorry to say this but I'm 23 and been really poorly this week with food poisoning and dehydration and I've been driving my mum nuts. I won't leave her alone grin

Rinkydinkypink Tue 27-Jun-17 06:48:48

Of course I've been nice to him. I'm not a horrible tyrant! I didn't let him in with us cos ds and I are both very hot. He'd just get even hotter and disturbed more.

He's asleep now in his own room. Dh alarm went off an hour ago, he leaves for work at 7am and the youngest is bouncing about.

I've got to work out how to get DD to nursery, others to school with him asleep. Don't want to disturb if I can help it. Don't even think I'm well enough to drive. Bloody hell this is when being a mum is really hard!

Fortnum Tue 27-Jun-17 06:51:18


You should really have him in with you. Show some affection / compassion and hopefully he will feel comforted enough to sleep next to you.

Flu hits people with differing severity, I had it earlier this year and genuinely thought I would die - and im not being dramatic - it was hellish.

You will need to monitor his temperature regularly try and keep him hydrated and cool, Its called being a parent.

cheeseandbiscuitsplease Tue 27-Jun-17 06:54:32

Just wow.
Of course YABU.
Questions like this make me feel so sad.

CauliflowerSqueeze Tue 27-Jun-17 06:54:37

YANBU. You have made him as comfy as you can. You know your son best and you know if it's a put on cry or not. Having flu is utterly shit. Can you get the jab next year? I had flu a few years ago - felt like I'd been run over by a truck.

UserThenLotsOfNumbers Tue 27-Jun-17 07:03:12

Yabu and I think you know that
But it is hard looking after a sick child when you yourself are sick. It'll pass.

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Tue 27-Jun-17 07:11:51

It's understandable. I've had baby twins and 3yo old sick this week. Me too. After a month of various colds. One baby needs to be held all night. Sometimes after the 5th waking at 2am sympathy starts to run short. I think it's totally ok to feel like that when you're exhausted, as long as you never let on.

Set him up with pillow and sheet on the couch so he's close and put movies on all day. Or in his room with a movie on your phone if you need the peace.

It's not easy. I envy people who apparently don't get overwhelmed by all this caring and just want to have 5 mins peace. flowers for you.

ClopySow Tue 27-Jun-17 07:20:53

I wanted to cry for my mum when i had the flu. I'm 42.

Lunchtimeburrito Tue 27-Jun-17 07:33:28

I had the flu last winter so can completely sympathise.
That's the part of parenting I find the hardest, when you are unwell and so are your dc,or worse, whe you are unwell and dc are on top form and bouncing around you!!
Do you have any family members close by or good friends who can take your dc to nursery.
Then spend the day snuggled with ds watching tv, there is nothing better than having your mum to snuggle up with when your feeling poorly.

Runny Tue 27-Jun-17 08:01:33

Ive never felt as ill in my life as I did when I had the flu, and I was in my early 20's at the time! Can't imagine how awful it must be for a child.

Wormulonian Tue 27-Jun-17 08:08:03

Just let him come into bed with you and both get some rest flowers

Anatidae Tue 27-Jun-17 08:16:54

Yabu-he's ten years old. He needs you.

Flu is miserable - last time I had it I ended up with pneumonia.

So yes, yabu. Very much so. It's really hard when you're ill at the same time as them but you can't lose patience with a poorly child.

Should dc really be going to nursery if this is in the house? No one is going to thank you for spreading an awful bug.
Take the day off sick, bunker down and hang on In there. Ds seems to have the constitution of an on thank goodness but we had an awful bug just before Christmas - it was a case of just waiting it out at home together and feeling very sorry for ourselves (I was lying on the floor barely able to move with a feverish baby lying on me for a day, it was grim.)

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