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WIBU to give DS2 DS1's middle name as his first name?

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BlackTowel Mon 26-Jun-17 23:35:50

We gave DS1 our favourite names! blush but are having a DS2! It took ages for me to get pregnant with DS1 and never thought it would happen again, so WIBU?

ethelfleda Mon 26-Jun-17 23:36:29

Nope. Not unreasonable smile

ethelfleda Mon 26-Jun-17 23:37:09

Certainly not in a world where people name their kids 'bear' anyway!!

GreenTulips Mon 26-Jun-17 23:39:22

Yes weird - give him his own name

GhoulWithADragonTattoo Mon 26-Jun-17 23:39:25

I think it's fine if it's something like James or Peter. Might be a bit odd if it's something more unusual but middle names don't get used very often.

haveacupoftea Mon 26-Jun-17 23:40:48

Bit weird. There must be more than 2 names in the world you like?

dailymailarecunts Mon 26-Jun-17 23:42:17

My relative did this! His son has the first name of his big sisters middle name (sure that there's an easier way of writing that!)

Lots of raised eyebrows in real life, but the kids like having a shared name.

SuperBeagle Mon 26-Jun-17 23:42:24

I think it's strange.

He needs his own name and his own identity.

SaucyJack Mon 26-Jun-17 23:42:48

Only do it if you then give DS2 DS1's first name as a middle name.

In for a penny, yadda yadda.

Ohyesiam Mon 26-Jun-17 23:43:33

Too odd

HoldMeCloserTonyDanza Mon 26-Jun-17 23:43:56

I wouldn't. I think he deserves his own name.

OvO Mon 26-Jun-17 23:44:05

I did!

I gave my DS1 my two favourite boys names and then when my DS2 was born realised what a mistake that had been.

He was un-named for days as we were sure it was Bad Form to use our DS1s middle name for our youngest but everyone we asked said it was fine.

It's also one of my DHs middle names so now they all share a name!

It's never been an issue. My DS1 would argue to the death with his little brother about anything (they're 12 and 9 now) but the middle name thing has never come up.

We added in a new middle name for my DS1 (official, new birth certificate) to make it less of a thing iykwim.

GreenTulips Mon 26-Jun-17 23:44:36

James Peter and Peter James

Not strange at all (lacks imagination)

James Peter
David Peter

Would be less weird

DustyCropHopper Mon 26-Jun-17 23:50:20

Friends of mine did it. The name was the dad's mum's maiden name, so they used it as a second name for the son, then when son number 2 came along they decided to use it as his first name. As no one uses a middle name really, only those that know them well know and I think it is fine.

Love51 Mon 26-Jun-17 23:58:29

Absolutely fine. I know a family who have done this with kids one and three, and kid four has kid two's first name as a middle name. It is lovely.

Don't do what my mum did, though. I've got a really odd first name, never had anything from a tat shop with my name on it. My brothers middle name starts with the same letter as my first name. She bought name labels with his first name, middle initial and surname and cut his first name off to recycle them for me. That's taking hand me downs to the extreme!

allowlsthinkalot Tue 27-Jun-17 00:01:43

My MIL did exactly that, love51 - and the third child's name labels just had a surname!

thewavesofthesea Tue 27-Jun-17 00:03:58

My best friend did this. We nearly did it (but then changed our minds when DS2 was born) Not weird at all!

Notknownatthisaddress Tue 27-Jun-17 00:05:20

I think it's weird. confused

MrsOverTheRoad Tue 27-Jun-17 00:08:51

I also think it's not on. Think of another name. You gave the two you liked to DS1....there must be another name you like? Of all the many names, you could think of another.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Tue 27-Jun-17 00:17:08

I know sisters called Kerry Ann and Cherie Anna. I think that's far stranger than what you are suggesting.

GreeboIsACutePussPuss Tue 27-Jun-17 00:17:36

Dbro5 has Dbro2's middle name as a first name and Dbro6 has Dbro4's names just in a different order, but then I think my parents were running out of names to use by then grin

I don't think anyone has ever really noticed, or if they have they haven't commented.

Floggingmolly Tue 27-Jun-17 00:18:31

No. A name should be exclusively yours. Within the same family, at least. There's only two of them, use your imagination.

JennaRainbow Tue 27-Jun-17 00:22:02

I think it's making him an extension of his older brother, less of an individual in his own right.

GreeboIsACutePussPuss Tue 27-Jun-17 00:23:49

Love51 at least you got an initial on your name tapes, my mum just had our surname on everything, so she never had to change labels between children. DD has some wellies that have been passed down through 8 children before her with the same name label in (they were the ones we kept in school so probably only worn 2/3 times each child)

Rockhopper81 Tue 27-Jun-17 00:25:22

My cousins have this - Child 1 is 'AB' and Child 2 is 'BC' (C being the fathers name).

I personally think it's a little odd, but the children themselves (now 31 and 28, so no longer children!) don't seem bothered by it. I just remember thinking (as a child) that it was strange that they didn't come up with something 'new' for the second child, what with reusing the first child's middle name and then the fathers name too.

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