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to ask what you found to be the hardest part about pregnancy?

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SoreFeet1983 Mon 26-Jun-17 13:54:57

I have had a really rough pregnancy this time around. I've had awful sickness and nausea, I'm tired, I'm trying to look after a toddler at the same time, and I can't even have a glass of wine to take the edge off. I'm exhausted. Now finally 37 weeks.

But for me, this all pales into insignificance in comparison to restless fucking leg syndrome 😡😡 Every time I try to lie down and relax I just can't get comfortable. It's driving me up the wall and really getting me down actually.

Apart from the obvious, what did you find to be the hardest parts of pregnancy?

GlitterRoseGold Mon 26-Jun-17 13:57:20

The heartburn and smelling things that made me feel sick quite a lot

mrsBeverleygoldberg Mon 26-Jun-17 13:58:23

That after ds2 was born my swelling didn't go fully away. My feet grew by half a size and my rings needed to go up a size.

WhooooAmI24601 Mon 26-Jun-17 13:58:47

Sleep. I sleep face-down and hated that I couldn't. DH bought me one of those long wavy body pillows and it was revolutionary; if you don't already have one, get one. The youngest is now 6 and it's still floating about upstairs as everyone loves it. DS2 currently has it in his den under his bed.

SupermanStoleMyPants Mon 26-Jun-17 13:59:09

The loss of independence and relying on others for help. Hated it. That and being treated like a child being told what I could and couldn't do. I know my body, my limitations and I wouldn't harm my baby. Feck off with your 'advice' and judgement.

HulaHoop12 Mon 26-Jun-17 14:01:27

Ooh yes I'd forgotten about the legs! My sympathies, very annoying.
Mine were
Not being to lie on my front from fairly early on and not being able to breathe past 20 weeks (twins, one hugging my lungs)
Your baby is nearly here though, how exciting! flowers

ExPresidents Mon 26-Jun-17 14:02:02

Agree Superman, I HATED being told what to do or having comments made on my size/shape which people would have thought of as completely unacceptable at any other time.

Mostly though I just found the last week really hard, I didn't mind the rest of pregnancy too much but that last week...just so uncomfortable and impatient and hormonal.

HulaHoop12 Mon 26-Jun-17 14:02:41

Whoooo that pillow sounds amazing!! Link please!

Crunchymum Mon 26-Jun-17 14:04:12

The insomnia. Oh man I am not looking forward to that.

This time (number 3) I'm feeling a lot more sick and it's quite debilitating.

delilabell Mon 26-Jun-17 14:05:22

Getting glandular fever at 37weeks. Never felt so ill in my life!

crazypenguinlady Mon 26-Jun-17 14:07:00

The exhaustion. Sleep became my new hobby in the first trimester but I was still a zombie. After that i had bouts of insomnia and constant sleep. No matter what though, I was still perpetually tired.

2ducks2ducklings Mon 26-Jun-17 14:07:36

The constant anxiety and worry. The nausea and sickness were horrendous, but I find the anxiety so much worse.

user1483387154 Mon 26-Jun-17 14:09:06

exhaustion, insomnia and vaginal pain for every day things.
Also had time in hospital for early labour and bleeding which wasnt great but thankfully baby is strong and happy.

AnyFarrahFowler Mon 26-Jun-17 14:09:37

1st trimester - constant nausea and extreme fatigue.
2nd trimester - currently here with DC2 - stretching ligament pains and lower backache
3rd trimester - being too big to walk upstairs without getting breathless, needing to wee every 10minutes, being really really uncomfortable and fed up.

This will be my last pregnancy!

FellOutOfBed2wice Mon 26-Jun-17 14:10:49

Just the first nine months.... grin

In all seriousness pretty much all of it, had HG and antenatal depression especially in second pregnancy but the permanent feeling of needing to wee 24 hours a day in the last month was pretty dire.

Flamingoprincess1212 Mon 26-Jun-17 14:11:48

I told my boss I was pregnant last week. I'm only 9 weeks. He told me to throwmy cheese sandwich away and told me he'd get me a super green salad from Sainsbury's. "Because I've checked and pregnant ladies really shouldn't eat cheese these days" 🙄
Clearly I've got another 30 weeks of annoying pregnancy related shit yet, but that made my blood boil.

Hollyhop17 Mon 26-Jun-17 14:13:25

Still suffering from HG at 36+5 so basically the whole pregnancy. I have hated every single minute of it and was so looking forward to my induction at 38 weeks. However, at my 36 week scan he has turned so is now breech so a c section is looking more likely sadly.

I hate being pregnant and don't ever plan on doing it again.

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Mon 26-Jun-17 14:16:52

The mixture of insomnia and heartburn. Lying there exhausted and unable to sleep when DS was finally sleeping though for the first time in over 2 years, then blissfully drifting off to sleep hours later and being woken up repeatedly by heartburn until the insomnia kicks in again.

Lack of sleep from newborn twins is nothing compared to the actual pregnancy. It was bliss! grin

See also hip pain making walking really slow and painful. I was practically skipping around after the c-section.

See also the inability to fit any food in and lack of desire to eat when heavily pregnant. It felt SO good to actually feel hunger again.

Congratulations on your pregnancy OP. Not long now. smile

ChrisPrattsFace Mon 26-Jun-17 14:17:24

I'm so excited to be pregnant.... now I'm not. Haha!

justkeepswimmingg Mon 26-Jun-17 14:20:40

Currently 30 weeks, second pregnancy. The exhaustion is by far the worse, and I hardly have the time to rest as I've got a 2 yo to entertain. Also heartburn (I'm living off Rennie's), and being breathless (I can't even wash up without needing to sit down after 10 minutes blush). This pregnancy malarkey is hard work.

glitterglitters Mon 26-Jun-17 14:21:10

It has to be the last few weeks. They drag. They're uncomfortable. You are too knackered to do anything. You're just sitting around, waiting for a bus but you don't know when it's turning up.

<39 weeks and fed up>

amousehaseatenmypaddlingpool Mon 26-Jun-17 14:21:14

Thrush. Nothing kept it away for more than five minutes. Vanished by the time we brought DS home.

Morning sickness, sciatica, being knackered all the time; nothing compared to eight months of firey fanjo.

retpally Mon 26-Jun-17 14:21:45

The constant pissing was a massive downer for me!

Katedotness1963 Mon 26-Jun-17 14:22:08

Realising I was pregnant. Didn't realise till 17 weeks the first time (well, didn't even realise myself, the doctor told me), and got to 14 weeks the second time. No morning sickness, no swelling, no insomnia, indigestion, cravings, I didn't get "big", didn't get the pregnant lady waddle, didn't have trouble moving... A slight feeling of not being exactly right but nothing more than that. I loved being pregnant.

NeedMoreSleepOrSugar Mon 26-Jun-17 14:22:55

Back/hip/pelvis pain - so bad I can't leave the room without a walking aid. everything else, including labour (at least first time ) was a breeze in comparison. I'll find out in a matter of days if it's the same this time! grin

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