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To check into a hotel? Part II

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notthebackdoordear Sat 24-Jun-17 23:47:38

Few weeks ago had a rant about being peeved with DH, considering a hotel..

Tonight I am SOOOI PEEVED!!!!

We are away in our caravan, with niece (13) DS1 (13) and DS2 (10m)... we had a bit of a tiff then he refused to empty the toilet. Humph.

Kids then had to walk to toilet block, couldn't find the code for the gents, DS1 walked to reception for the code, couldnt find anyone, ended up having a pedi behind the van 😡😡

While they were out I told DH

1. Don't ever fucking speak to me again after punishing the kids because he's mad at me.
2. I withdraw from all household tasks as of now (I'm on mat leave ATM so I do everything) so that means no FUCKING washing, no FUCKING cooking, no FUCKING shopping, no FUCKING cleaning.

He tried to argue the toss with me but I referred him to number 1.

AIBU to fucking do one tomorrow when we get home?

Dick head 🙄

notthebackdoordear Sat 24-Jun-17 23:48:42

Pedi = pee

ArchieStar Sun 25-Jun-17 00:26:55

Ok deep breaths OP!

He didn't empty the toilet because he was mad at you? Was the row about the toilet?

I totally get your frustrations. Does he do much around the house even though you're on mat leave? (Which is no excuse for you to do ALL household chores since it's meant to be baby bonding time and if chores get done then fab, if not oh well)

notthebackdoordear Sun 25-Jun-17 12:34:21

It's just pisses me off that when he feels like it he can withdraw from doing his share because he's mad at me. Yes the row was about the toilet I said he hasn't put enough chemicals in and it smelled. Also he's hit and miss at home, I have to be on his case.

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