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KrayKray00 Sat 24-Jun-17 21:28:27

I have a new car!! WAHOO!!

But I feel so guilty to get rid of my old one. Like I have a personal attachment. "She" was my first car and has served me well but she is old and needs so much work doing which is worth more than the car itself. I brought a new one today and I feel so guilty.

My new car is on the drive. Full clean and service. NIce, shines and smug.

OLd car is on the road looking so sad.

My OH thinks I am weird for feeling so strongly about a car however it is only worth scrap as it is very old and falling apart.

I was just wondering is it just me or do other people ever feel like this? They have names too!!

RaspberryBeretHoopla Sat 24-Jun-17 21:29:06


ifyoulikepinacolada Sat 24-Jun-17 21:29:51

Yanbw at all!

RaspberryBeretHoopla Sat 24-Jun-17 21:30:06

But I bet there are a lot of other people just like you!

FlipFlopFlappy Sat 24-Jun-17 21:30:55


ShimmeringIce Sat 24-Jun-17 21:32:16

Yes, but I would feel the same!

I feel so sorry for DD's once-best-beloved toy that I have to give him a comfortable seat for the day, or let him look out of the window, when I find him scrunched up, face down, on the floor blush

PeaFaceMcgee Sat 24-Jun-17 21:32:31

Yanbw. I love my 10yr old Mini and will keep it on the road even if the cost of repairs are more than it's worth. Still less of a waste of money and the environment than buying a new or new-ish car!

BelafonteRavenclaw Sat 24-Jun-17 21:33:07

I'd feel the same. I feel guilty about talking about trading my car in. As if it will hear me and decide to breakdown to 'get back at me'. It's also my first car, I've had it for 9 years so it's all I've known. DH also thinks I'm weird.

SquinkiesRule Sat 24-Jun-17 21:33:11

I know why you are feeling that way, but really, just sell it. I bet some young person would love it as their first car too.

alfagirl73 Sat 24-Jun-17 21:34:25

As a petrolhead I totally get this and yes it is perfectly possible to form such an attachment to your car. I know many people who have done so and I am the same with both my cars. I don't think you're weird at all.

What kind of car is she?

Etihad Sat 24-Jun-17 21:34:57

YANBW. We are struggling fitting my daughter's wheelchair and all her equipment in her Motability van - and I rang up and spoke to them today asking if can change the lease early. Very good news they said yes, but I feel guilty every time I look at the little van on the drive now - ffs!

RedGrapeCornSnake Sat 24-Jun-17 21:35:05

Not wierd.
I drove my old one to the dealers and brought home my new one.
I felt like I'd had my faithful old dog put to sleep and picked up a puppy on my way out
(I LOVE my new car though - and not worrying that every little cough means it's going to shit itself)

justdontevenfuckingstart Sat 24-Jun-17 21:35:40

My Punto punto is on the drive with a flat battery and tyre and no mot. She will be scrapped but not just yet. Will miss punto punto, not my first car but will miss her.
My DD1 Fiat 500 is called Princess Fiona.

Mupflup Sat 24-Jun-17 21:36:04

YADNBW. I cried when DH sold his car a few months ago, he had a name and a personality. I refused to name the new one or engage him in conversation for a little while as he felt like a stranger. But I know I am weird!

ElleDubloo Sat 24-Jun-17 21:38:13

Not weird! I recently got rid of the car that my parents bought me after I passed my driving test. I'd had it for 11 years, during which I'd gotten married and had 2 children, and we were seriously due an upgrade. We got a lovely car to replace it, but I felt very sad for my old car when we gave it to the garage. I still think about it, and if I see a car of the same make and colour I always check the license plate and wish I could catch another glimpse of it.

scarletmonkey Sat 24-Jun-17 21:43:08

No, not weird. I felt horribly guilty when I traded my car in.

PookieK Sat 24-Jun-17 21:43:43

Not weird at all, I totally get it! My car Ethel is 17 and even the thought of getting rid of her upsets me! She is still battling on and recently passed her MOT with a minor fix (but a gazillion advisories! 😬)
My husband thinks I'm nuts but I think it's maybe that I've been through some real ups and downs in my life and my car has rescued me from all sorts! It also kind of symbolised me becoming independent when I got her so I guess maybe it's the associations tied up with it that I'm holding onto.
On the positive side old cars are generally easier to fix as it's basic mechanics - no diagnostics with a computer here! So maybe she'll have a few more years in her yet, before I'm in your situation and facing a new one!

ArgyMargy Sat 24-Jun-17 21:45:52

Very, very weird. All these other posters are pretending because yes, it is only you.

And you bought a new car.

Dibbles1967 Sat 24-Jun-17 21:51:14

Don't know about weird, I couldn't wait to get shot of my old bangers.

Selfish though - sell it & buy your OH something lovely smile

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Sat 24-Jun-17 21:51:55

Yes a bit weird. Cars don't have feelings.
Try and get some money for scrap? You will always have your memories of your old car to hold on to...

RandomDent Sat 24-Jun-17 21:52:42

I saw a car I'd sold a few years back in a supermarket car park. It was all beat up and looking sad. I felt very guilty that I had sold it to be treated so badly.

RoryPowers Sat 24-Jun-17 21:53:04

I cried like a baby when I traded in my first car. He was called Barney.

Lovemusic33 Sat 24-Jun-17 21:53:34

I got a new car last week, I loved my old car but needed something bigger. My old car was my dream car ( from when I was a teen), a few days ago someone took him away and I still feel very sad.

PlymouthMaid1 Sat 24-Jun-17 21:53:51

I felt the same when I got a new cooker last month. My old one was my first grown up cooker and I had it 18 years. I feel sorry for it now sat in my yard awaiting a trip to the dump.

Newjob12345 Sat 24-Jun-17 21:54:20

I had the same feelings with my first car, Carla.
It was a sad day when I had to wave goodbye to her sad

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