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To be annoyed and a little hurt by this flakey friend?

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TrustyPatches Sat 24-Jun-17 15:16:07

Bit of backstory: up until a couple of months ago I was seeing this friend a couple of times a week, we are both SAHMs and have children of a similar age. She has always never been great at staying in touch and will often not reply to a message after instigating a conversation, which is fine if a little irratating. I get that people are busy/forget to write back but I always do eventually get in touch if it's me. She often says she has been too busy to text or get in touch even though I have seen she has had time to get in contact with other people and make plans that come to fruition, which sends me the message that we are quite low on her list of priorities.
Recently we arranged to meet for a playdate after not seeing each other for a good few weeks, she gave a date she was free and an activity she fancied doing and said she would message me to arrange. I made the mistake of telling my DD so obviously she was asking. The date came and went with no message. Then out of the blue a message from her a week or two after we were supposed to meet not acknowledging our previous plans, and yet again the conversation ended with the last message I sent.
I may BU but I find it so rude to end a conversation abruptly like that and even ruder to "forget" you have plans with somebody, never mind on more than one occasion. If she was just my friend I wouldn't have stuck around for as long as I have but my DD is attached to them and asked daily up until a few weeks ago. She has stopped asking now so WIBU to dump this friend? Feel a bit blush about the amount of "don't worry about it"s I've sent in the past year or so when really it's quite hurtful and disappointing for my DD!

MatildaTheCat Sat 24-Jun-17 16:46:39

You can dump her if you want to. How come you didn't text her to remind her about the play date last week?some people are crap at keeping track and firming up arrangements. You either deal with it or dump.

Depends on how much you like her when you are together. If you DO make another arrangement then labour the point of her putting it straight into her diary 'so the dc aren't disappointed '.

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