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To HATE glitter?!

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babyinthacorner Thu 22-Jun-17 09:50:36

DS, being December born and having an older sister, has been covered in glitter since we brought him home from hospital. It's a rite of passage I guess.

It's always been a pain in the arse to get off the wooden floors, but I can cope with a slight sparkle as I walk around the house if I can't clean it all up.

But. I have just spent far too long trying to pick a single grain of glitter of DS's penis. It won't come off. He has inadvertently been given a pejazzle at 6 months old. WHY is it so hard to get off?! He had 3 pieces stuck to his scalp for about a week that resisted several hair washes a little while ago!

The stuff is EVIL.

CruCru Thu 22-Jun-17 10:14:30

To be fair, quite a lot of people feel the way you do. It's why glitter bombs were invented.

BangkokBlues Thu 22-Jun-17 10:27:22

Herpes of the craft world.

Glitter needs to fuck off.

DSHathawayGivesMeFannyGallops Thu 22-Jun-17 13:28:17

Sparkly glittery wrapping paper once and never again. Ban the stuff!

Although I might make an exception for the We Ship Your Enemies Glitter site... Unless I end up on the receiving end.

glitterglitters Thu 22-Jun-17 13:30:01

I used to love glitter but now sights like this make me feel shivers down my spine.

Rubyslippers7780 Thu 22-Jun-17 13:30:07

Herpes of the craft world grin

glitterglitters Thu 22-Jun-17 13:30:29


Was that the horrendous Tesco one?!

DSHathawayGivesMeFannyGallops Thu 22-Jun-17 13:35:56

glitterglitters It was silver with glittery snowflakes from either Tesco or Card Factory. Probably Tesco!

Boring12 Thu 22-Jun-17 16:21:42

I had that wrapping paper! 'Teas pure hell. Tesco angry

Boring12 Thu 22-Jun-17 16:21:54


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