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AIBU or is she?

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PonyPals Wed 21-Jun-17 04:23:39

Trying to summarise as easily as possible.
Been looking at purchasing a holiday package and found a couple online. Walking past a travel agent I decided to pop in and ask if they had any sales for the destination I needed.
I walked in and explained that all I'm after is info on any sales for my destination but the woman started asking me lots of contact details, questions etc.
My request was said again but ignored and out of politeness I answered her questions.
She went on to say that they certainly can do an amazing deal and she will email me through some options.
I was in there for 5 min max.
4 days later I received 2 quotes. They were super expensive and really not what we needed.
I emailed her back and said we have found a great deal and thanks for all your help but we will purchase that deal. I was polite. And then I received this email back from her.
It seems polite but it is making me feel uncomfortable and pressured!
Should I email anything back or just ignore?

Shootfirstaskquestionslater Wed 21-Jun-17 04:31:49

Just ignore her she's trying to get you to book the holiday because she will get paid commission if you do. Just send her emails to your spam inbox if she carries on.

Pugfather Wed 21-Jun-17 04:52:07

How cheeky of her very rude and unprofessional.Enjoy your holiday with her attitude she won't be earning much commission

Chloe84 Wed 21-Jun-17 04:55:28

That email is awful! shock . She acknowledges you found a better deal but still wants you to book with her so she gets commission?!

OP, just ignore her. I hope people aren't taken in by her guilt trips. She should be reported to Trading Standards.

user1497480444 Wed 21-Jun-17 05:01:02

report her and make sure she is made to delete your details

Pouncival Wed 21-Jun-17 05:39:53

I don't think Trading Standards are going to be interested in the slightest. Just delete her emails and move on.

araiwa Wed 21-Jun-17 05:47:08

Wow a saleswoman tries to make a sale

Get a grip

ArgyMargy Wed 21-Jun-17 06:11:04

Bizarre that she thinks after meeting her for 5 minutes you now care about her so much that you'll change your mind and take her off-the-mark deal. Delete, ignore, avoid.

CeeceeBloomingdale Wed 21-Jun-17 06:18:49

In the cut throat world of sales that really is nothing compared to what Ive seen or heard. Forget it, it's not worth headspace

EverythingEverywhere1234 Wed 21-Jun-17 06:21:27

As a pp says, she's a saleswoman trying to make a sale. Reply and say no or simply delete and move on.

Smeaton Wed 21-Jun-17 06:21:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BouleBaker Wed 21-Jun-17 06:22:32

She ignored what you wanted and now that you have found that elsewhere she still wants you to book a holiday you don't want with her. She's bonkers.

Legma37 Wed 21-Jun-17 06:24:57

Araiwa, all the responses I see from you on this forum are so negative. Are you quite alright?

glitterglitters Wed 21-Jun-17 06:25:22

Ignore. Typical sales latter. She's assuming you're giving her the fob off. You made no contract and she's relying on you feeling guilty. Just delete and ignore.

She'll have a computer system that will probably nag her to contact you again a few more times. Just ignore. At the end of the day she can't make you spend money.

glitterglitters Wed 21-Jun-17 06:26:16

And agreed with others. This is a very tame "guilt" sale. Unethical but I've heard people say that if they don't make a sale they can't feed their kids etc (total bs).

araiwa Wed 21-Jun-17 06:28:39

Thanks for your concern. I am absolutely fine.

In fact i think i better than some people on here who seem to want to make mountains out of molehills and add stress and strain to their lives when unnecessary. Lifes too short

bigchris Wed 21-Jun-17 06:30:51

I agree with araiwa, she's just doing her job, sales is a hard job!

Optimist1 Wed 21-Jun-17 06:34:33

YABU, I'm afraid! After the five minutes you spent with her she's taken time to get further information for you and to send an email with the info. You told her you'd booked something way cheaper and she acknowledged that. She's paid attention to what you've booked and seen that transfers and insurance aren't included, so she's offering to do those for you. Not unreasonable of her.

BTW she may not be paid commission on sales that she makes, but the sales that she makes generate commission for her company so they can pay her salary.

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Wed 21-Jun-17 06:36:49

She's awful. A pretty hopeless sales person if she needs to guilt trip you to make an unreasonable sale.

WillowWeeping Wed 21-Jun-17 06:37:14

I thought that was going to be a text from your best friend who works as a travel agent, not a complete stranger shock

It's really unprofessional and no way to make a sale - if she wants your business she should have tried distinguishing the service her package would provide: private transfers, great flight times etc not basically saying boo hoo now I won't get commission confused

Fruitcocktail6 Wed 21-Jun-17 06:39:59

I didn't know travel agents still existed! I haven't seen one in years.

spiney Wed 21-Jun-17 06:41:55

Please just ignore. Unless you you'd actually like someone else to do the flights etc?

She didn't do a very good job first time did she? Of course she'd like a bit of commission but she's a random sales person and you owe her nothing. It would annoy me the "time I spent..." bit of her email. What ?! Is she trying to guilt you into it? Hello. You get commission for providing a good service.

Press delete.

Fletchasaurus Wed 21-Jun-17 06:42:40

I can't see the image sad but based on pp, YANBU!

Ceto Wed 21-Jun-17 06:54:23

People seem to be assuming that she's pushing you to book the whole thing with her, but in fact it just seems to be flight transfers and insurance. Have you got those included in your deal?

cordeliavorkosigan Wed 21-Jun-17 07:01:02

She is being unreasonable. You don't owe her a booking. If the one you found was far cheaper that is her problem. I would either just ignore, or email back and say that you understand that is how she gets paid but that is for finding what customers want or need, not for building a false sense of emotional obligation from complete strangers and charging higher rates than can easily be found online.

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