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to ask nursery not to make my children wear communal sun-hats?

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purpleshortcake Wed 21-Jun-17 03:09:41

My son has just been re-infested with his third dose of head-lice this school year (2-3 months between each so it's not that I'm not treating them effectively). In between I spray his hair daily with protector spray. Their teacher has said to me it's a constant battle with many kids there. Yesterday I noticed that there a large pile of identical sun hats in school colours by the door to the playground. I send my children with sun hats in their school bags so I'm not sure if these communal sun hats are for kids who forget theirs or if it's it's easier for the teachers to slap a communal hat on each head as they go outdoors (the bag area is not near the playground).

AIBU in thinking that shared sweaty hats are going to exacerbate the headlice problem? WIBU to say to nursery I only want my kids to wear their own sun- hats?

MrsOverTheRoad Wed 21-Jun-17 03:17:31

Ew YANBU! If they're so lazy as to make the kids wear the shared hats rather than get their own from bags then that's not ok.

highcastle Wed 21-Jun-17 03:30:18

YANBU to ask them to use his own hat if you provide one. But FWIW I've volunteered in nurseries and from what I've seen the hats get washed in the washing machine then tumble dried after a single use.

highcastle Wed 21-Jun-17 03:33:32

Meant to say that in the nurseries I've been in they would gladly put a child's own hat on them, communal hats aren't about laziness it's just making sure there are enough in case children don't have their own.

GreatFuckability Wed 21-Jun-17 03:39:53

Well, yanbu to ask them to use their own hats. but you aren't likely to get headlice that way, lice don't live on hats so unless they are literally swapping from one head to another straight away, then that isn't the issue.

Aquamarine1029 Wed 21-Jun-17 03:52:50

You have every right to insist that your child only wears their own hat. Don't back down for a second.

Atenco Wed 21-Jun-17 04:08:49

Definitely where the problem is coming from. Had the same problem with communal riding hats until I could afford to buy my dd one.

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