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A parking one!

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Ginmakesitallok Tue 20-Jun-17 18:24:37

No diagram though.

Was popping into the supermarket on way home. Pulled into a space. As I was pulling in another car pulled into the spave opposite me- facing me. Ok - pretty normal.

As I stopped a heard a tooting. Took me a minute to realise it was the other car. So when I got out I went over to check everything was ok. Other driver said "I was going to go into that spave, but you just swung into it!". I didn't know what reaction she was expecting, but I just said "well yes, I swung in to park in it"

Her - "But I was going into it?"
Me- we'll I'm parked in it now?
Her (apparently gobsmacked) "oh, you're so nasty!"
Me - under my breath whilst walking away "oh fuck off"

So was I really nasty? We were never at risk of hitting each other?

Supersoaryflappypigeon Tue 20-Jun-17 18:26:04

grin she wanted a "drive-through" space grin

Perhaps she can't reverse out of spaces? Yanbu - silly woman.

eurochick Tue 20-Jun-17 18:27:41

You forced her into reversing practice. Well done. smile

Ginmakesitallok Tue 20-Jun-17 18:28:41

Is not liking reversing a thing then???

justkeepswimmingg Tue 20-Jun-17 18:30:26

As PP said she probably cannot reverse out confidently. I personally prefer to reverse out, rather than in. She was BU, in making out you were in the wrong, which you of course weren't.

McDougal Tue 20-Jun-17 18:31:14

Well it's all good practise for her grin

Supersoaryflappypigeon Tue 20-Jun-17 18:31:21

I don't think it's not liking it as much as not being very good at it. My mum is an appalling driver-her parking skills are non-existent. Some people just aren't good drivers.

MrsHathaway Tue 20-Jun-17 18:45:56

It's standard to drive into supermarket spaces so you can actually get into your boot. Reversing in fucks with the system.

Did she mean you'd gone the wrong way and effectively queue-jumped?

Ginmakesitallok Tue 20-Jun-17 18:49:19

No we were both going the right way- she'd come in from the top and parked to her right, I'd come in from bottom of lane at other side and turned right. God - do I really need a diagram? grin

MrsHathaway Tue 20-Jun-17 18:50:48


Hmm, maybe a diagram would be helpful, if it's not too much trouble.

BitOutOfPractice Tue 20-Jun-17 18:51:14

Someohow this reminds me of this scene from Fried Green Tomatoes grin

alfagirl73 Tue 20-Jun-17 18:52:52

She thought she'd blagged a "throughey" and you foiled her cunning plan! LOL! Suspect she hates reversing and decided to try and make it your problem! YWNBU... if she can't reverse out of a space she shouldn't be driving.

DontTouchTheMoustache Tue 20-Jun-17 18:57:12

I've done a (shit) diagram. Is this right op? The blobs are cars.

DontTouchTheMoustache Tue 20-Jun-17 18:57:42

Also yes she is an idiot

Ginmakesitallok Tue 20-Jun-17 18:58:54

Don't touch the moustache, yes!

Ginmakesitallok Tue 20-Jun-17 19:00:00

My diagram is so shit it doesn't even have cars... sad

agedknees Tue 20-Jun-17 19:08:53

I love your diagrams.

Yanbu. She's not the boss of the car park.

rollonthesummer Tue 20-Jun-17 19:11:16

I would have asked her-why did you want this space when you are already in a space?!

DontTouchTheMoustache Tue 20-Jun-17 19:12:53

It's dangerous to drive through to the opposite space for this exact reason, if she hadn't seen you she would have crashed. She is 100% bu

SquidgeyMidgey Tue 20-Jun-17 19:13:49

You should have told her that actually she took the space you wanted.

Unicorn81 Tue 20-Jun-17 19:14:25

Did she think tooting would make you move 😂😂

Heychickadee Tue 20-Jun-17 19:19:12

This happened to me this morning! But it's not me from your story, I just muttered 'oh bollocks' to myself and went about my shopping.

(And then reversed out the space afterwards)

londonrach Tue 20-Jun-17 19:19:27

Yabvvvu op...youve not heard of drive through spaces (waves at whole family) 😜..i go for them everytime. Saying that she is being vvvvvvvvvvvvu for tooting horn. You there now so her drive through soace has gone

RebootYourEngine Tue 20-Jun-17 19:20:28

Just think of this as your good deed for the day. You helped someone practise their reversing grin

PuppyMonkey Tue 20-Jun-17 19:23:44

See this is why we need diagrams, I didn't understand it until the diagrams.

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