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What animal does this belong to?

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Strangenoises37 Mon 19-Jun-17 23:40:49

Posting here for traffic.
I've just gone in the bathroom to mop the floors and I can hear some sort of animal in the bath panel, does anyone know what it could be?
I'm freaking out thinking it's some sort of mutant mouse/rat, as I live in a flat on the main road I don't think it's a frog which is kind of what it sounds like.

I've had to upload it to YouTube as I can't put videos on here.

Strangenoises37 Mon 19-Jun-17 23:43:10

Casschops Mon 19-Jun-17 23:47:46

Can't hear anything other than clicks

Strangenoises37 Mon 19-Jun-17 23:54:25

It's the noise at 11&27 seconds.

littleshoutymouse Tue 20-Jun-17 00:25:25

I can't listen to the video as I'm at a crucial point in getting DD2 to sleep but, I wonder if it could be woodworm (is the bath panel wood)? DH and I stayed in hotel once with woodworm in the headboard - all we could hear all night was the little blighters scraping away at the word. Sort of like a repetitive clicking, scratching some sound?

Strangenoises37 Tue 20-Jun-17 00:36:15

No the panel is plastic, it's definitely not a scratching sound we have had mice in our building so I know it's nothing like that.
It's quite hard to describe.

QuestionableMouse Tue 20-Jun-17 00:39:33

None of the noises in the clip sound like animals to me.

PerspicaciaTick Tue 20-Jun-17 00:40:48

I can't hear anything.

Strangenoises37 Tue 20-Jun-17 00:47:59

Ok I'll try and get another clip, I'm scared though grin

chitofftheshovel Tue 20-Jun-17 00:54:29

There's nothing out there that's not there in the day...

Strangenoises37 Tue 20-Jun-17 01:08:02

10&28 seconds

Foxdale Tue 20-Jun-17 01:15:13

It's a hedgehog. Probably just emerging from hibernation. You'd be amazed at the sound that the little blighters make,

That, or the sounds of the anguished lost souls of the previous house tenants trapped forever under the bath. Who has gonna call?

Strangenoises37 Tue 20-Jun-17 01:20:07

A hedgehog?? Are you sure foxdale I live in a 1st floor flat on a main road in London, i shit you not, don't laugh but it's above a funeral directorsgrin so now not only am I freaked out that it could be a mutant rat, I'm scared it's the poor dead souls coming up through my floor.shock

BloodWorries Tue 20-Jun-17 01:38:36

Could be a frog/toad. Doesn't sound very rodenty to me.

Only way to find out is to remove bath panel. Better now than when it's died of dehydration/starvation and is stinking up the joint.
I'd get an extra pair of hands in with you though, and something to catch it in/with.

TheClaws Tue 20-Jun-17 03:52:59

That does sound like a frog or toad to me.

MrsOverTheRoad Tue 20-Jun-17 04:10:59

It's a frog!

Strangenoises37 Tue 20-Jun-17 07:33:08

Well its still making noises, I'm to chickenshit to open the panel I'll have to call the council to come out and have a look.

FanaticalFox Tue 20-Jun-17 07:35:39

You've chosen to live above a funeral directors but you're scared of a little animal in your bath? Come ob you're already brave don't let this beat you!

Strangenoises37 Tue 20-Jun-17 07:51:41

I didn't choose to live here, it's temporary accommodation sad

Anyway I'm not the brave type, so I've just flung ds6 in there whos much braver than me, he took the panel off and he can't see anything.

Foxdale Tue 20-Jun-17 13:25:17

Are you sure it couldn't just be the pipes? That's what it's often turns out to be in these horror films. At least, the first time they look. 😱

newpup Tue 20-Jun-17 14:04:22

That is most definitely a frog! I expect if you live on a first floor a cat has bought it up somewhere and behind a bath panel is cool and dark. My cat used to bring them in when she was younger they make a very strange noise. You do need to check it out though as if it dies the smell will be most unpleasant!

Strangenoises37 Tue 20-Jun-17 14:21:29

foxdale I'm not sure I want your help anymore, unless of course you want a houseguest as I will move out.

I don't think a cat has bought anything in as there are none in the flats which are actually enclosed.

maras2 Tue 20-Jun-17 14:24:00

It's a Gruffalo smile
Actually I think it's a hedgehog.

Witchend Tue 20-Jun-17 14:27:03

Doesn't the deathwatch beatle "click"? wink

Strangenoises37 Tue 20-Jun-17 14:31:23

Oh no does that mean I've found the love of my life and he's now going to die? Pfft who cares im still not looking grin

maras I'm off to YouTube hedgehogs.

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