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Help where to move? Barking, Plumstead etc.

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Sonodays Mon 19-Jun-17 14:58:51

Posted here for hopeful traffic (namechanged).

Considering moving to London. With very small budget (300K) only affordable areas are Plumstead, Barking&Dagenham etc on the outskirts.

What are these areas really like to live in? (Will look at areas once decision to move is made).

Move is mostly for work (IT contracting). Lone parent and struggling outside of London with lack of contracts, commute and childcare.

Have 2 young children (infants) schools are a concern. Currently in catchment for outstanding schools (hoping having support at home and both very bright. With schools following the same curriculum won't be such an issue. I may be naive?)

Currently in a 2 bed terrace. Naice area, although dreadful neighbours.

Advice very welcome.

Sonodays Mon 19-Jun-17 15:04:37

Not looking so much for things to do in the area. Week would be work, childcare/school. Weekends to spend time how we usually would in London; various parks, museums and general exploring. Rather than staying in the area.

thisismeusernameything Mon 19-Jun-17 15:16:46

I'd consider moving a little furth out. Lovely villages that are still reasonably priced include Orsett, Dunton, Bulphan, Langdon Hills and Fobbing. I lived in that area for years and commuted for work without issue

SheSaidHeSaid Mon 19-Jun-17 15:21:16

I don't like digging at or being negative about a place someone could read about where they live but, seeing as you've asked, I would avoid Barking as it's not a particularly nice area. If you live in a fairly nice area and then move somewhere like that you'll regret it.

(Sorry to anyone living in Barking, I honestly don't mean to be rude but can't find a better way to say it)

I'm not sure about the others you've mentioned but I'd agree with thisismeuser about moving further out, you'll get somewhere a lot nicer for the same amount of money.

TalkinBoutNuthin Mon 19-Jun-17 15:30:35

We used to live not far from there, childcare was impossible to get. If you weren't registered at a nursery from the day your child was born you had no chance of getting a place. Unless you can afford a childminder or nanny, don't even think about moving, you won't get your children looked after.

Feebeela Mon 19-Jun-17 15:50:30

Barking is awful. I grew up round there. Avoid! Avoid! There is no soul in the area. I couldn't wait to.leave.

VelvetSpoon Mon 19-Jun-17 15:57:43

Barking has been going downhill for about the last 35 years. It is not a nice place to live, nor indeed are a lot of places on that A13 corridor (I grew up there - the place I used to live was relatively safe growing up but friends tell me there is now a lot of car crime, muggings, etc.

Plumstead also isn't great. Most parts of Bexley borough are nice, also some areas of Dartford, a little further out.

icelollycraving Mon 19-Jun-17 16:03:08

Plumstead Common is nicer than the high street. Bexley is better. Thamesmead is a bit grim. What are you hoping to get,house/flat?

PaintingOwls Mon 19-Jun-17 16:03:47

Dagenham is basically a slum. Look at Hornchurch?

Sonodays Mon 19-Jun-17 16:04:58

Doesn't sound good unfortunately. I had hoped Barking may have changed and be more on the up.
The lack of childcare is also very worrying.
Current area is very nice. (Excluding neighbours. Although difficult to fit in as majority of people have always lived here, went to school together etc.) It's very typical 'middle class' with lots of range rovers, husbands working and SAHMs. I do feel lucky here though with the outstanding schools with great PTAs. Safe (Can leave doors unlocked) a move to a more gritty area seems mad with children. It's very boring though and work is becoming an issue.

Sonodays Mon 19-Jun-17 16:07:23

Will have a look at the other areas mentioned.
Hoping to buy a terraced 2/3 bed (as we currently have).

TenForward82 Mon 19-Jun-17 16:08:20


TheNaze73 Mon 19-Jun-17 16:12:24

Barking isn't the best. Grew up not far from there & wouldn't dream of going back

JamPasty Mon 19-Jun-17 16:15:58

Catford or Hither Green or Lee may be worth a look

MoominFlaps Mon 19-Jun-17 16:16:52

Barking is hideous. SE London is where you want to be - you will get much more for your money this side of the river.

Plumstead/Woolwich are still a bit rough but getting nicer IMO.

I think for 300k you might have to settle for a flat though, not a house.

MoominFlaps Mon 19-Jun-17 16:17:29

X posted with jam. I live in Hither Green. I think for 300k you will be priced out. It cost us 350k for our gardenless 2 bedroom flat, last year.

HundredMilesAnHour Mon 19-Jun-17 16:18:55

There's reason Barking, Plumstead etc are cheap. Because they're pretty awful. Maybe consider living further out in Essex but on a fast-ish train line?

SeagullsStoleMyChurro Mon 19-Jun-17 16:19:11

I second looking in Hornchurch. A friend of mine lives there and it seems pleasant.

icelollycraving Mon 19-Jun-17 16:20:30

Actually I got a bit upset when I lived in the area and someone asked pretty much the same question. Everyone said where I lived was an utter slum blah blah.
Sorry if I offended anyone.
I'd put it like this, my dh hated it all the time, I didn't mind it. We moved as soon as I wasn't in negative equity and had a child to an area much like the one you are living now.

GreyCloudsToday Mon 19-Jun-17 16:22:00

Would you not consider renting for a year Sonodays? Bit risky selling up to move somewhere you're not too familiar with.

We do enjoy living here, but commute and childcare still massive issues in terms of availability of places and cost (£1250pm in our local area). I do almost 3h commuting per day by the time I drop my kid at a neighbouring borough for nursery then head to work all in zone 2 - and that's only one half of the pickup/dropoff.

TheSnorkMaidenReturns Mon 19-Jun-17 16:33:18

Definitely rent to start with - you need to know the area before you buy.

midnightshadow Mon 19-Jun-17 16:41:07

I would consider looking at a smaller flat rather than a 3 bed house, to allow you to buy in a nicer area. You could even consider a 1 bed with 2 small dc, I did it and just slept in the living room, and it meant I could live in a nice bit of Camden that I wouldn't have been able to afford if I was after a proper house. You'd be able to afford a flat somewhere like South Norwood or Crystal Palace which are both good for families.

Mothervulva Mon 19-Jun-17 16:50:47

What about being further out in say, Bishop Stortford?

youaredeluded Mon 19-Jun-17 17:42:18

Seriously, all the places you mentioned are rough as fuck. I grew up in se london and all my family still live there.

user1490465531 Mon 19-Jun-17 17:51:30

I live near plumstead it's horrible-think druggies and alcoholics walking the streets Think hard before moving as a nice area goes a long way and if I could afford to get out I would.

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