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To bake a cake with DD and take it to the mosque?

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PixiePopPops Mon 19-Jun-17 08:56:56

I know it's a tiny gesture in the grand scheme of things. But I thought maybe baking a cake for the worshippers to eat when they break their fast tonight might be a nice idea? We live a couple of minutes away.

It's just, in other terrorist attacks, there is an immediate outpouring of love and support. Athough it's early, there seems to be a lot less today. Coupled with the biased media reporting. Thought it might be a nice way of showing solidarity and love.

But are they going to be in mourning? Does it seem patronising? I'll absolutely accept if I am BU, please don't flame me.

PixiePopPops Mon 19-Jun-17 08:58:54

But then, cakes are usually baked and eaten in celebration aren't they? Shit idea actually blush

PixiePopPops Mon 19-Jun-17 08:59:21

Is there anything else we could do?

WillowWeeping Mon 19-Jun-17 08:59:32

Well it's Ramadan so perhaps not during the day.

That aside i think most people appreciate small displays of solidarity.

MrsPeelyWaly Mon 19-Jun-17 09:01:08

No, its not a shit idea. Its a lovely idea. Do it.

IHaveACrapCat Mon 19-Jun-17 09:01:18

I think it's a lovely idea! Food is exchanged at times of need in all sorts of cultures.

Thinking of my Muslim friends, I think they'd greatly appreciate the gesture.

Foxysoxy01 Mon 19-Jun-17 09:01:44

I did wonder if there was anyway I could show my support but don't really know how.

I think it's quite sad how there was a massive outpouring of support and love over London/Manchester but it seems much more quiet after this monstrosity but maybe that's because the press are reporting it differently?

icelollycraving Mon 19-Jun-17 09:01:45

I think biscuits may be a nice idea. Perhaps not cakes. Basically I think they will be received whatever you do in the spirit that you give them.

MrsPeelyWaly Mon 19-Jun-17 09:02:09

Well it's Ramadan so perhaps not during the day

The OP says for when people have broken their fast.

brexitstolemyfuture Mon 19-Jun-17 09:02:11

I think do it at night as they can't eat during the day now.

Also be careful not to use vanilla with alcohol added - just use pods.

Trills Mon 19-Jun-17 09:02:26

Lovely idea.

It probably won't get eaten til after sundown but it's a really nice gesture.

Fozzleyplum Mon 19-Jun-17 09:02:54

Take dates, as they are the traditional way of breaking the fast.

MrsPeelyWaly Mon 19-Jun-17 09:03:02

I think biscuits may be a nice idea. Perhaps not cakes.

Its ok, we eat cakes as well. smile

RedStripeIassie Mon 19-Jun-17 09:03:25

That sounds lovely and sends a much needed msg of peace. I know my Muslim friends are feeling anxious about how people view them.

waitforitfdear Mon 19-Jun-17 09:04:24

Do it.

However I have had the radio on for the last hour and it's the top story.

Can we stop with the comparing of whose terror sttack gets more coverage it's very distasteful and quite frankly incorrect.

ArtemisiaGentilleschi Mon 19-Jun-17 09:04:24

Lovely idea

WonderfullySunny Mon 19-Jun-17 09:04:26

It will definitely be appreciated, during mourning periods my Muslim family will often bring traditional foods for the family. It's showing that you care which is the most important thing, really lovely thought PixiePopPops.

youarenotkiddingme Mon 19-Jun-17 09:04:36

I think it's a lovely idea.

1 it's showing an understanding and respect of Ramadan and the fast and 2 it shows solidarity which is so very important right now.

And let's face it - who doesn't like cake grin

PixiePopPops Mon 19-Jun-17 09:04:56

Sorry, I just realised it sounds like we live near the mosque targeted. We don't, we live in the SE. I just meant our local mosque. Does everyone still think this is appropriate?

mateysmum Mon 19-Jun-17 09:05:07

A lovely idea. Gifts of food and enjoying it together is central to Iftar (the breaking of the fast). I'm sure it will be much appreciated.

cowgirlsareforever Mon 19-Jun-17 09:05:16

It's a nice idea. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

MrsPeelyWaly Mon 19-Jun-17 09:05:38

ITs very clear from the OP that the poster knows about Ramadan and is intending for the cake to be eaten after people have broken the fast.

And dates? The Mosque will have plenty of them already.

SoftlyCatchyMonkey1 Mon 19-Jun-17 09:06:21

Lovely idea, though if it was me I'd probably do something other than a cake as a cake to me is a celebration thing, but that's just my view

originalbiglymavis Mon 19-Jun-17 09:07:24

Dates are quite traditional. If you have a Mediterranean or ME store near by you can get nice pretty trays ready made up with dried fruits and nuts arranged on them. Small individually wrapped sweets for kids are good too.

Lovely idea.

harderandharder2breathe Mon 19-Jun-17 09:08:05

I'm sure it would be seen as intended, a nice gesture of support and solidarity

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