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to think people saying it's much hotter elsewhere should stop

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notanevilstepmother Mon 19-Jun-17 08:45:11

Other places have the infrastructure to deal with hotter weather or colder weather as appropriate.

I'm fine when it gets cold and I can always add another layer.

I really can't go to work naked.

As for whoever it was that thought walking dogs at night and not during the day was being precious first doggy, their paws burn. Please don't walk them on hot pavements.

Off to sit in the car which is the only place with air con.

NicolasFlamel Mon 19-Jun-17 08:48:05

I don't understand why we have this hysteria every year. It's summer, it's hot. Pretty much every year recently has been hot. Its not unexpected. Yeah it's pretty uncomfortable but we know it's going to happen.
We'll get this out of the way just in time to lose our minds over the frost. confused

NavyandWhite Mon 19-Jun-17 08:48:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 19-Jun-17 08:50:18

Did you miss the point of the thread Nicholas?wink

ems137 Mon 19-Jun-17 08:50:48

In our part of the country I can honestly say it's been a very long time since we've had a day as hot as yesterday.

BigYellowJumper Mon 19-Jun-17 08:54:40

I think people start mentioning it's hotter elsewhere when we see pointless crap like school trips being cancelled because of the weather and stuff.

AceholeRimmer Mon 19-Jun-17 08:55:01

Agree! I hate the heat in my flat here but coped well in the Middle East (which was sometimes 40c) because everywhere has air con, tiled floors, big rooms and could dive in the swimming pool after work! So it was;
Wake up in cool tiled flat with shutters on window
Be in heat for 30 seconds while getting into air con car
Being in heat while walking to air con office for a minute
Go to air con mall and supermarket
Get home and jump in pool
Back in air con flat

There is no walking anywhere there as they don't have pavements, no parks and things like that.

Now my well insulated flat is like a hot box grinbut obviously love that in winter!

caffeinestream Mon 19-Jun-17 08:57:00

Heat in the UK is not the same as heat elsewhere - especially when buildings elsewhere have air conditioning and are designed to stay as cool as possible!

BarbarianMum Mon 19-Jun-17 08:58:00

It's not exceptionally hot, the UK sees periods of this sort of weather most years. If we don't plan our towns/cities/houses to cope, we have nobody but ourselves to blame.

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Mon 19-Jun-17 09:00:38

I've had air. Conditioning installed at home but it never seems to be something g that the brits want to spend mo eye on which I don't understand really because they wouldn't dream of being freezing cold in the winter yet they just swelter through summer

waitforitfdear Mon 19-Jun-17 09:01:17

Good grief it's a hot summer day! Ffs get a grip. You will survive as will all dogs and children with sensible precautions.

I won't add I was 7 in 1976 but that really was bloody hot.

Enjoy it it won't last and watch out for that 2 cm of snow that will paralyse us all in Jan

ArtemisiaGentilleschi Mon 19-Jun-17 09:02:36

Is that your dog?

RufusTheRenegadeReindeer Mon 19-Jun-17 09:08:19

I would be irritated by someone saying its hotter elsewhere

But I honestly dont get the misery around summer

It has been very uncomfortable for some people including ds1 who has always struggled (ds2 is wearing fleece pjs...i kid you not)

But the hot weather only lasts a few days, cold weather can last much, much longer

I do sympathise thanks

Beansonapost Mon 19-Jun-17 09:08:25

I'm surprised someone thought it ok to take a dog out for a walk on the hot pavement...

would you go walking bare feet on the pavement?

Tinseleverywhere Mon 19-Jun-17 09:10:21

It's the sudden change in temperature which gets you. If it were to heat up a bit slower and stay hot for six months you would get used to it. Also it is a lot more humid in the UK than many countries and that can affect how uncomfortable it feels, either hot or cold. Polish friends say they really feel the cold in winter here even though it gets much colder in Poland.

vinergartom Mon 19-Jun-17 09:10:29

I've never understood people who think hot weather in the UK is not the same as hot weather elsewhere, it really is. It's just as bearable/unbearable, and gets no more humid than many other places. I'm from and live in a hot country and not everywhere is equipped or built for hot weather, few houses except very new builds have air con, people just put up with it. I've never lived in a house with air con.

U2HasTheEdge Mon 19-Jun-17 09:14:03

I love summer and wish it would last forever. However, yesterday was scorching and I stood outside in the full sun to get to my car and it was shockingly hot. Today will be the same. I much prefer this to winter but it has been 30c here and it was only two weeks ago we put our heating on low in the evening.

The comparisons to other countries is pointless. We aren't used to this heat. We go from mild weather to super hot. Our houses don't have air-con as a rule and neither do many work places. I am not moaning, I love it, but It isn't comparable to other hotter countries.

I don't think it is so much the heat but the mugginess here as well.

That poor dog sad

RufusTheRenegadeReindeer Mon 19-Jun-17 09:14:25

I agree with tinsel

I think its the humidity that gets people

I think we rarely get heat without humidity whereas other countries may well get humid but are usually just hot

I am just basing that on holidays as i have no real experience of living in hot countries

notanevilstepmother Mon 19-Jun-17 09:16:02

No it isn't my dog, it's a picture a vet posted on Facebook to warn people.

Scottishchick39 Mon 19-Jun-17 09:17:11

I'm in the north of Scotland, it's raining and 14 degrees, gimme some of your heat wave please!

MrsJayy Mon 19-Jun-17 09:17:37

Not as hot here as down south still roasty though dog was walked at at 9 llast night I agree with you there, however, spanish people have to go to work in summer they don't walk to work in summer heat naked . I love the brittish moaning about weather we are like goldilocks its either to hot to cold to wet some folk never have a just right grin

Ifailed Mon 19-Jun-17 09:22:18

apropos of nothing

WhooooAmI24601 Mon 19-Jun-17 09:23:27

I walked the dog non-stop last week as I'm off work with a broken arm and was bored. I didn't even dare do it at 6am yesterday as she was panting and hot just from a pootle around the garden as I watered everything.

I saw a couple of people walking their dogs around 5/6pm yesterday and that was far, far too warm for their paws I think.

Rumtopf Mon 19-Jun-17 09:23:37

It's glorious and I love it. I also took my dogs out for their walk at 7am this morning and that was warm enough already, it will have to be earlier tomorrow. If it's too hot for me to walk barefoot on the garden path, it's far too hot for them.

This heat isn't unusual, it's just that it's for such a short period of time that people seem to forget year to year.

We keep the windows at the back of the house (south-east facing) shut during the day, thermal blinds down and open up all the windows at the front of the house to let a breeze in.

brasty Mon 19-Jun-17 09:24:36

I remember trying to walk a relatively short distance in Las Vegas. That was hot and incredibly humid. It was unbearable.
I have friends in much hotter countries that have no air conditioning. But they keep their windows closed and do not try and sit out all day, including the hottest part of the day. Which is what I saw many of my neighbours doing.

So keep your windows closed, unless there is a good breeze. Keep your curtains closed in any room you are not using. Open windows in the evening once the sun has gone down. Don't sit out in the sun if you don't want to be very hot. And if it is too hot indoors, buy a cheap fan.

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