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Chicken pox has vanished

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MonkeyPieMama Sun 18-Jun-17 23:50:45

Posting in here mainly for traffic (sorry). Chicken pox has been going round my sons nursery and last Thursday when I picked him up, his teacher said he'd got some spots on him that weren't there when I dropped him off and she thought they were probably chicken pox. Once home from nursery, DH took DS to chemist to see what pharmacist thought and pharmacist confirmed chicken pox. DS got a few more Thursday evening. Friday morning they had faded quite alot, but late morning they had come back and had spread more. So we kept him off nursery. Then even more by Friday evening. Saturday morning I noticed that again they had faded...just a few faint spots. My DH had son all day as I was working, by evening I couldn't see any and today he has absolutely none too-none have appeared all day. A few days before he first presented with the spots he had been a bit off colour - runny bum, not himself and we presumed a little tummy bug. Nothing major. Unfortunately neither of us took photos of the spots so can't even share to show you all. He had them primarily on his legs and arms. A fair few on his torso and a few on his bum and back. None in his mouth, or on his feet or hands (so I've ruled out hand, foot and mouth). When my DH took him to the chemist he bought chicken pox itch relief cream but we haven't used it once as my DS wasn't scratching the spots. Any ideas? Completely at a loss tbh. They were pinky raised spots with a rash around for the areas. No blistering or turning white or crusting. Just trying to give as much information as possible. Thanks for reading.

Cantseethewoods Sun 18-Jun-17 23:58:05

Could have been Hand foot and mouth rather than chicken pox but that would still be quick.

NuffSaidSam Mon 19-Jun-17 00:03:56

Could be heat rash maybe? But that's normally itchy.

Allergic reaction to something?

It doesn't sound like chicken pox, but it could be some people do get an unusual presentation.

60percentofthetime Mon 19-Jun-17 00:04:00

My ds' chicken pox presented like this. Got sent home from nursery for having a few spots when cp was doing the rounds, but after 2 days they'd all gone. They then all came back a week later.
Your son's might come back next weekend, so hang onto the itch cream!

MonkeyPieMama Mon 19-Jun-17 00:18:38

Thank you for your replies... 60percent thank you, I wonder if that's what will happen. Should I send him to nursery tomorrow then or not?

user1495025590 Mon 19-Jun-17 00:24:43

viral rash?

phoolani Mon 19-Jun-17 00:46:38

My ds presented the same way - definite spots, all disappeared. Reappeared a few days later with a vengeance.

MonkeyPieMama Mon 19-Jun-17 01:09:15

Thanks everyone smile

Mushypeasandchipstogo Mon 19-Jun-17 11:55:29

Sounds just like what happened when my DS had chicken pox 10 years ago. I kept him off nursery for a total of ten days.

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