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To thank Tesco have committed fraud on my credit card?

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Ontheboardwalk Thu 15-Jun-17 21:54:28

Ok so this morning found a cracking deal on JD. £18 for a litre bottle at Tesco Direct.

Checked online and could do click and collect same day service at local store for £2 delivery - brilliant. Ordered one, ok 4 bottles, used some club card vouchers all done.

Got phone call about an hour later from another store where the stock was held wanting to check if I really wanted the JD or if I was placeholding a delivery and had forgotten about it. I replied 'nope I want the JD' and thought no more about it. Collected my delivery and was happy.

Just been looking at my card statement and Tesco had cancelled the original amount of £66.50 (that inc the £2 delivery charge ) as 'reversal for late/u'

They've then recharged my card for the £66.50 again and have done a brand new charge for an additional £2 delivery charge. The payments are showing pending which I'd expect for home delivery charges as they usually come through later.

However AIBU in thinking Tesco should not recharge my card or create a brand new charge ( for £2 that I don't even owe them) without my approval and authorisation?

harderandharder2breathe Thu 15-Jun-17 21:56:33

It's not fraud, don't be ridiculous

it's a simple mistake. Just pick up the phone and ask them to refund it.

eynesbury Thu 15-Jun-17 21:58:16

Jeez hmm

NeedMoreSleepOrSugar Thu 15-Jun-17 22:00:53

The £2 probably won't go through, I know I often get small charges like that showing on my card for online shopping, hotels, even pay at the pump etc. I think it's a holding charge or something like that - it never goes past "pending". Even if it did, a quick call will sort it

Itsjustaphase84 Thu 15-Jun-17 22:02:05

Call them. If you're really bother call you lr card company to open a dispute if you don't get anywhere with Tesco.

It's not fraud.

Ontheboardwalk Thu 15-Jun-17 22:02:30

Yeah I know it's only £2 and it's a little lighthearted but surely they would have needed a new separate authorisation code from my bank for the extra £2??

They would have had to say cardholder not present or something surely? Make something up?

Ontheboardwalk Thu 15-Jun-17 22:07:37

More importantly I could have not got my delivery!

Might need to sample some to get over the distress

londonrach Thu 15-Jun-17 22:09:58

Just call them ☎️☎️☎️☎️☎️☎️

harderandharder2breathe Thu 15-Jun-17 22:17:35

Call. Them. Get your £2 refunded. Then move on with your life.

eynesbury Thu 15-Jun-17 22:20:11

Why are they charging for click and collect?

Migraleve Thu 15-Jun-17 22:30:19

I don't understand what the actual problem is? They charge for C&C

TheNaze73 Thu 15-Jun-17 22:34:39

This is fraud. Call 101 & log an official complaint....

It's a mistake, they'll sort it. Don't sweat the small stuff

Ontheboardwalk Thu 15-Jun-17 22:38:21

Yeah I know it's only £2 but I paid the click and collect charge of £2 in my original charge of £66.50 am fine with that.

BUT someone then put an additional, unauthorised, separate charge against my account. This is a separate transaction that someone bypassed my approval on.

I'm going to ring my bank tomorrow but was wondering if anyone knew what they needed to say I'd approved for this transaction before I rang them.

Ameliablue Thu 15-Jun-17 22:42:46

You bought 4 bottles at £18 each plus £2 delivery and it came to £66.50?

Tikkatoride Thu 15-Jun-17 22:48:51

£18 x 4 bottles isn't £66 OP it's £72. Looks like they are undercharging assuming your figures are correct.

Ontheboardwalk Thu 15-Jun-17 22:49:55

Amelia blue as I said i had clubcard vouchers - £7.50

It's the separate transaction that's bugging me still. YES I know it's on,y £2 and I'll call my bank but they must have entered my credit card details and 3 digit code once, if not twice, without my approval??

implantsandaDyson Thu 15-Jun-17 22:50:19

I think the OP mentioned she used some clubcard vouchers?

Migraleve Thu 15-Jun-17 22:52:54

I am missing the bit where you didn't approve? You ordered the stuff confused

Ontheboardwalk Thu 15-Jun-17 22:56:10

Sorry should have been clearer and added receipt.

Yes I approved the initial £66.50 but not the amount being recharged after they had cancelled it and def not the additional transaction, that yes I know is only for £2

Migraleve Thu 15-Jun-17 22:58:32

But surely when you spoke to them on the phone and said you wanted it you were doing just that? Confirming your order?

Migraleve Thu 15-Jun-17 23:00:36

The £2 is probably an authorisation amount when they cancelled your first order so they could recharge your card when you confirmed you still wanted it. Which you did.

Authorisation debits never actually leave your card, but the bank will tell you to wait 21 days to see if it either drops off or is taken by Tesco. While it's pending they can't do anything. Save your time and leave the phone call.

Ontheboardwalk Thu 15-Jun-17 23:07:25

I was confirming I wanted my original order not that I was approving anyone cancelling or making new transactions on my card.

I'm not sure how they would pre approve an authorisation account on my card without my approval. That never happens where you would have expect pre arrovals like hotels etc. You have to input your pin or actually give your approval upfront on website

Migraleve Thu 15-Jun-17 23:09:03

Sorry this is crazy. You ordered some stuff, you have been charged, refunded then recharged for said stuff.

No fraud ffs

Ontheboardwalk Thu 15-Jun-17 23:13:12

Migraleve no there has been unauthorised transactions on my credit card and YES I know it's only at least the £2 payment but it looks like someone has entered my card details INCLUDING the 3 digit number for this transaction

DrJZoidberg Thu 15-Jun-17 23:16:45

Tesco do this £2 fee for every order. It's like a holding fee that goes through when you place the order. Then when it is delivered and signed for etc it's charged properly and the £2 holding fee doesn't leave your account. Otherwise they'd end up packing shopping for people whose cards don't work. I bet if you read the terms and conditions it all explained in there and your approval is given by completing the order.

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