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Callalily1234 Thu 15-Jun-17 20:17:58

Been with H (note, not DH) for 32 years. No Dc. We are both retired. I no longer love, or like him. Don't feel we have anything in common. Enough equity in property for us both to rehouse ourselves comfortably. Should I stay, or should I (BU) and go?

notknownatthisaddress Thu 15-Jun-17 20:19:11


ThroughThickAndThin01 Thu 15-Jun-17 20:19:22

Go. Not loving him is one thing. Not liking him makes it impossible.

notknownatthisaddress Thu 15-Jun-17 20:19:27

I mean yes go!!!

robinia Thu 15-Jun-17 20:20:09

I'd go. Life is too short and there's nothing to keep you together. I should imagine you'll only get more disenchanted as the years go by. But I am very independent and would be happy, I think, to be on my own.

Smeaton Thu 15-Jun-17 20:20:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Callalily1234 Thu 15-Jun-17 20:24:23

He annoys me: just his habits annoy me......

harderandharder2breathe Thu 15-Jun-17 20:25:16

Go. If you don't even like him you'll both just have a miserable retirement together.

Callalily1234 Thu 15-Jun-17 20:27:49

And I have to put up with his brother (see earlier thread) who pees in my drive and treats our home like a cafe.....going to start packing in a mo.....thanks gals x

Tapandgo Thu 15-Jun-17 21:05:00

You both need to go your own ways and be happy and see what life brings.

Callalily1234 Thu 15-Jun-17 21:38:10

Thank you my friends. I am going to leave him: life can only be better on my own...... x

robinia Fri 16-Jun-17 15:37:13

Good luck and enjoy! Footloose and fancy free.

VladmirsPoutine Fri 16-Jun-17 15:44:18


Had everyone said "no, stay" you would have put the suitcase back in the attic? (so to speak).

ImperialBlether Fri 16-Jun-17 15:49:31

There wasn't one reason to stay and then you mentioned the brother! Wtf - he pees in your driveway?!

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