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To think that some of us just arent cut out for succes?

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malificent7 Thu 15-Jun-17 13:50:06

I did well at school securing high grades. However i didnt shine or stand out in any other areas and was socially awkward.

Also plagued by mh issues. Had ro drop out of uni due to eating disorder.
Finally retrained a teacher but didnt succeed in that. Have had a seried of temporary contracts

Retrained as a teacher. Didnt succeed in that. Just ben told my contract as a TA wont be renewd in September.

Been crying all day. Im hopeless arent i?! Need arse kicking!

abigwideworld Thu 15-Jun-17 13:52:05

Similar background here - I initially failed at training as a teacher then my contract as a TA wasn't renewed. I'm hoping to retrain!

PoorYorick Thu 15-Jun-17 13:54:07

Perhaps you're not cut out for teaching but what ARE you good at? You had high grades in school so there's definitely something.

FakePlasticTeaLeaves Thu 15-Jun-17 13:55:19

I don't think an arse kicking would do you any good; I know it's easy to say but you should try not to so hard on yourself. It sounds like you've gone through a lot in your life with the eating disorder/mh issues, and to manage that takes a lot of courage and overcoming or working on these is a success!

Did they give you reasons as to why the contract wouldn't be renewed? Maybe there are some practical bits and bobs you can work on?

Kursk Thu 15-Jun-17 13:56:59

Everyone is good at something, you just haven't found it. The trick is to never give up

MurielsBottom Thu 15-Jun-17 14:02:14

I think you haven't found your niche yet? You are obviously able as you performed well at school.

Tbh if you are socially awkward them I can imagine you would find teaching a challenge. Can you explore getting some careers advice? Or talking to people who know you and asking for ideas?

Groupie123 Thu 15-Jun-17 15:14:33

Most of the TAs I know, good or bad, have had their contracts terminated. Don't dwell on it just reapply for a new one.

Electrolens Thu 15-Jun-17 22:44:47

You have not failed. Lots of people have jobs they lose. It's horrid, so it's natural it makes you feel horrid.

You've done really well to teach and done really well to be a TA.

Would you like to carry on doing that? Or is there something else you would like to try with all those teaching skills?

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