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Natwest debit cards are down

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TheHodgeoftheHedge Wed 14-Jun-17 17:51:21

Apologies for posting in AIBU but thought the traffic might mean more people would be alerted. Natwest's debit cards are down - hoping to be fixed within an hour.
Hope that means someone is spared the heart attack and long call to Natwest that I had a few minutes ago!

Spuddington Wed 14-Jun-17 17:54:22

Yep, just tried to pay for food at work and no go. Again. It's always NatWest.

TheHodgeoftheHedge Wed 14-Jun-17 17:56:03

Yep. I truly hate them. They have left me high and dry so many times.

dementedpixie Wed 14-Jun-17 17:56:08

So glad we moved from them

kitkatspiderrat Wed 14-Jun-17 18:07:30

anyone know if can still use a cash machine?

TheHodgeoftheHedge Wed 14-Jun-17 18:16:13

Not sure. Perhaps. I thinks it's transactions mostly.

ClumsyFool Wed 14-Jun-17 18:18:33

Might be up and running as I've just used mine 5 minutes ago?

TheHodgeoftheHedge Wed 14-Jun-17 18:30:05

Here's hoping then!

WashingMatilda Wed 14-Jun-17 18:52:40

Thank you OP, I wondered why I couldn't buy something utterly pointless off eBay!

OhtoblazeswithElvira Wed 14-Jun-17 18:55:04

I paid for something using my card at the same time this thread was started. Maybe it's not a complete crash?

TheHodgeoftheHedge Wed 14-Jun-17 19:51:18

Hahaha I was the same! Mine got refused on amazon and I freaked!

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