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Neighbour issue - kids and fences!

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kp78 Wed 14-Jun-17 16:30:58

Neighbour installed a 6 foot fence recently. Suits me I don't really like him and it looks nice!

Trouble is he is now allowing his daughter to climb a ladder and shout to her friend in the garden next door to me. Today for the umpteenth time I've asked them both to get down. Today both were straddling the fence on either side of my garden and I have a dog (he's good as gold but still worry). I'm not only bothered about privacy but them getting hurt or bitten.

Partner asked her to get down earlier as he said he wanted privacy and now the neighbour is mouthing off behind the fence that she should get back up as there's nothing to be scared of and he put the ladder there for her to speak to neighbour.

Neither of us were nasty but seriously why can I not have any privacy or why should I worry about either child calling into my garden? AIBU asking them to get down?

There's been an atmosphere brewing with neighbour for a while and I can't bear it anymore!

woollytights Wed 14-Jun-17 16:39:13

Put a ladder on your side and stare at him in his garden for long periods of time, maybe shout a bit.

Do you get on with neighbour the other side? Could you have a word with them and ask them to stop letting their child partake in this fence shouting thing? The horrible guys daughter wouldn't bother climbing if her friend stopped

NancyDonahue Wed 14-Jun-17 16:41:50

Play loud music everytime they do it so they can't hear each other.

kp78 Wed 14-Jun-17 17:26:41

He plays music all day anyway! I now feel bad for asking them to get down and have come in!!! The other side let their child straddle the fence so I'm not sure if it will work but I will speak to them when I can. I don't mind the noise or occasional climbing up to chat but to have a ladder up the fence or climb and straddle my fence is just out of order!

wowfudge Wed 14-Jun-17 17:38:25

Plant something tall and spiky on either side of your garden. That'll teach 'em.

FrancisCrawford Wed 14-Jun-17 17:42:40

Hang a washing line across your garden, parallel with the fence

Peg sheets on it.


kali110 Wed 14-Jun-17 17:49:44

*Hang a washing line across your garden, parallel with the fence

Peg sheets on it.

Do it

MrsMoastyToasty Wed 14-Jun-17 17:51:35

Hose the fences (and the children ) down.

Floralnomad Wed 14-Jun-17 17:53:58

Well if that's his fence then surely the fence the other side of the garden is your fence so you can definitely tell that child to stop climbing on it and speak to the parents .

StarryCorpulentCunt Wed 14-Jun-17 17:53:59

Sprinkler. That's all I'm saying. And anticlimb paint.

kp78 Wed 14-Jun-17 19:02:28

Aaaaggghhhh you're all right! I wish I had the front to sprinkler them or any of the other suggestions, but he's now out there speaking to his stepson and his words were 'if they don't like it they can build a f#cking big fence. I've put that chair there so she can speak to her friends and too bad if they don't f#cking like it etc '

I am really upset now. I've got to live next door to this and we've done nothing wrong! I get the girl is probably upset she was asked to get down but it's not like we were nasty and I don't understand why he can't respect our privacy the way he has privacy.

I will try and have a word with the other side but at the moment they are thick as thieves and I'm not sure it will work!

StarryCorpulentCunt Wed 14-Jun-17 20:17:58

Seriously just paint your side with anti climb paint. They'll soon get sick of ruined clothes and you have every right to paint your own side.

Mulch Wed 14-Jun-17 20:23:18

op your neighbour sounds awful

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Wed 14-Jun-17 20:25:15

Another vote for spiky plants.

And don't worry about your dog biting them if they are trespassing on your property...

kali110 Wed 14-Jun-17 20:29:18

Id keep a record of all tye time your privacy is breached and his 'comments'

kp78 Wed 14-Jun-17 20:37:06

Good idea Kali - shame it needs to come to that but a row is brewing and it might get out of hand! Wish I wasn't so sensitive as I'm really worked up over this and it's really stupid!

At least you've all reassured me that I'm not in the wrong!

Mulch Thu 15-Jun-17 09:16:07

Does he rent or own? Previous poster suggesting logging it is a good idea

Frazzle76 Thu 15-Jun-17 09:22:00

Personally I'd go out and do some topless sunbathing.
Although there might be some rule about that - not sure you can do it if their upstairs windows overlook your garden and they can see you from them.
Good luck though, they sound awful.

RB68 Thu 15-Jun-17 09:23:26

Just put your sun brolly out and position strategically. Or if you are feeling generous buy them some walkie talkies

PaulDacresFeministConscience Thu 15-Jun-17 09:29:15

Quick fixes:

- string a washing line up near the fence line but not next to it (so he can't reach over and grab them). Peg sheets and blankets on at regular intervals.

- big pots and planters with bamboo. It's fast growing, nice to look at and makes a great 'screen'. Keep it in pots because it can be invasive and also if you need to move it about then it's much easier to do so.

Longer term fix:

- put some freestanding canes and trellis up next to the fence (but don't attach to the fence as otherwise it will give him something to moan about). Grow stuff up it like pyracantha - which looks nice but is very spiky.

RapidlyOscillating Thu 15-Jun-17 09:31:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AlmostAJillSandwich Thu 15-Jun-17 09:33:06

Log the incidents, report to police that they are spying into your garden You do actually have the right to privacy on your own property without nosy arseholes looking in.

LakieLady Thu 15-Jun-17 09:37:54

Wtf is wrong with some people?

I really don't get how so many people are inconsiderate cunts when it comes to their neighbours. Perhaps I've just always been lucky with mine.

DuggeeHugs Thu 15-Jun-17 10:30:09

Just to second PaulDacres suggestion of pycanthus as a longer term solution - nothing will get past that and it grows pretty fast (although you'll need thick gloves for maintenance).

Our neighbours have grown it all around their garden which stops them coming near the fence plus it looks really pretty when covered in berries, attracting robins and the like to our garden

kp78 Thu 15-Jun-17 12:06:29

Thanks all - I'm off to buy some pycanthus! I've also got 2 empty pots which I had put near the fence already. I was looking for some big plants for them so I might get some bamboo too.

It's the atmosphere now I just can't bear it, but I'm rising above it. His problem not mine!

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