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No hobbies....... no life

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Hisnamesblaine Tue 13-Jun-17 23:58:01

Following on from a earlier thread tonight regarding evening routines and the fact that we are stuck in a routine of food, getting children bathed and ready for bed then hours of t.v........ I got to thinking. I literally have NO hobbies. Nothing about me that could be a interesting talking point. I work part time. Look after d.s and do my bit around the family home. Obviously if me and my oh get a rare night out we hit the cinema or go for meal/comedy club. But these nights are few and far between. I get the occasional night out with the girls
Don't like to get too rat arsed as I can't handle the hangover while looking after the d.s the following day. I feel like I'm bu for squandering my free time of a evening. My oh wouldn't mind at all if I had something to go out and do 1/2 evenings a week. I'm nearly 40.and almost feel like a old granny!

GirlInterruptedOftenByKids Wed 14-Jun-17 00:02:55

The solution is pretty simple. .get a hobby! What do you like? Are you crafty, sporty, musical? Round by us there are crochet /knitting clubs, wine clubs, book clubs, choirs, walking netball (ie low exertion sport). Any of those appeal??

Hisnamesblaine Wed 14-Jun-17 14:11:48

Book club sounds appeal f as does a wi e club. I consider myself quite shy when I first meet people so it would be daunting for me to actually go. I quite fancy yoga. I've put on weight since having d.s and rarely visit the gym. My friend swears my yoga for tightening up and feeling her inner zen...... I guess I just need to find the courage

NancyDonahue Wed 14-Jun-17 14:20:57

Don't feel pressurised to get a hobby just to make yourself more interesting. Do what YOU want with your free time. My 'hobbies' are pottering around the garden, reading, watching box sets and baking - basically totally switching off from people! I am of the introvert variety though.

When you have young children, or even older ones, your time is restricted and falling onto the sofa in the evening is about as much as you can manage. Parents lives flourish when the kids go off to uni or leave home. My friends parents bought a motor home and travelled around Europe - this is the hobby I aspire to!

Launderetta Wed 14-Jun-17 14:34:52

Nancy, I'm with you - only choose an interest because it interests you, OP, not cos you feel you ought.
It's normal to be so caught up in children & household activities & chores that we just don't have that precious 'me or us' time & so lose our own sense of self & relatipnships. It will pass, we just need to manage ourselves carefully until it does.
Introverted hobbies are my thing, too; that said, if I was well enough to take exercise classes I'd love to.
(Maybe I should start a 'poorly introverts gentle movement club' where we could quietly sit down & stretch our legs or arms now & again?!)

NavyandWhite Wed 14-Jun-17 14:36:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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