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To say you shower after (light hearted)

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Charlie97 Tue 13-Jun-17 06:39:53

OH is first in shower, I hear shower finish and say I'll jump in now.

OH says hang on I'm having a poo.

Now he should've done that before the shower??

I told him so, so I think that makes me controlling?


JeNeSuisPasVotreMiel Tue 13-Jun-17 06:43:34

What's the lighthearted bit? hmm

Sirzy Tue 13-Jun-17 06:47:02

You told him when he can use the toilet? confused

Charlie97 Tue 13-Jun-17 06:49:15

That I told him he should've showered after.....this is a joke!!

Maybe a bit early in the morning?

You know, id be like super controlling if I really dictated when he went to toilet.

meditrina Tue 13-Jun-17 06:53:03

There was of yore a quite well-known scatological poster

hellobonjour Tue 13-Jun-17 07:14:58

A poo after a shower??

What is wrong with people!?

Surely you do that first!

Sparklingbrook Tue 13-Jun-17 07:22:32

Maybe he didn't need a poo before his shower.confused

Iloveanimals Tue 13-Jun-17 07:23:52

I understand the joke
..not many will though. wink
Course it should be before,now he's got a dirty bum again. Cancels out the shower shockgrin Mumsnet has got to the point where they use the word "control" for everything confused

pigeondujour Tue 13-Jun-17 07:31:10

No, he should have let you shower first, then done it, then showered.

Charlie97 Tue 13-Jun-17 07:33:24

Phew thanks for all PPs who get it!

Especially pige, you're right I hadn't even thought of that!

I'll pack him some clothes and send him away after work (once he's done dinner, coz he's cooking one of my favourites tonight)!


hellobonjour Tue 13-Jun-17 07:40:39

If I had a shower then pooed straight after hen I'd have to get back into the shower.

And, as an aside, using the word "controlling" over a matter such as this is ridiculous and undermines actual instances of controlling partners.

If my DH took a shit after a shower then I'd be saying wtf too grin

AllTheWittyNamesAreGone Tue 13-Jun-17 07:43:43

Poo before shower
I'd dump him, God know where this will lead
I bet he does the cream and jam on scone wrong toosad

Iloveanimals Tue 13-Jun-17 07:44:39

I totally agree hello

TheNaze73 Tue 13-Jun-17 07:47:21


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