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To be annoyed when children's programs show veg in a negative way

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Pinkjellybeans Mon 12-Jun-17 09:13:47

Maybe I'm being unreasonable and this might seem a bit extreem but it really annoys me. I really struggle to get my toddler to eat vegetables as it is. I really have to persuade him (I would never force him ofcourse) anyway I recently managed to get him to try broccoli after putting it on his plate many times, I was so proud of him and he said he really liked it and ended up asking for more! As he was playing this morning we had CBeebies on in the background and there was kate from Kate and mim mim saying how much she disliked broccoli and refused to eat it. Followed by my toddler going broccoli eewww! YUCK!!! I'm my opinion this will have built up a negative idea of broccoli yet again! Ofcourse by the end of the programme she does decide to eat it even though she still thinks it's yuck but my almost 3 year old didn't continue watching that bit and wouldn't have understood it anyway and the native association will still be there. I remember a similar thing happening to me from a young age - After repeatedly watching cartoons that would make sprouts and cabage out to be yuck I decided they were yuck and have only just started eating them as an adult. There have been alot of occasions this has happend with different vegetables and I just really don't see the need for it. Surely eating vegetables should be encouraged and children who do like these shouldn't be made to see them as being yuck especially when at such a young age they are so absorbant of what they see and hear. Surely children should be able to decide what they like and don't like without cartoons making a perfectly healthy thing out to be bad and giving them a negative association in a child's mind.

NannyOggsKnickers Mon 12-Jun-17 09:17:12

Kate and Mim-mim is by far the worst of the CBeebies shows. Everything else has a pretty strong positive message. It's the only CBeebies show that annoys me.

MommaGee Mon 12-Jun-17 09:20:40

You are a bit.

It's like saying the characters should never misbehave or have accidents incase you only watch the bit where Timmy steals the ball off Pig or Bing kills the butterfly and thus they are taken out of context.
If your child then went to steal a ball off a friend or squish a butterfly you'd intervene and assume your parenting can override 30 seconds of a kids show. Same with brocolli.

Pinkjellybeans Mon 12-Jun-17 09:34:12

Nanny I agree, normally I turn it over when it's on it's really not a great cartoon.
momma I completely agree with you about that. But I just find something like eating veg is so easy for them to develop a negative view on which can become very difficult to change and could potentially always stay with them.

EdmundCleverClogs Mon 12-Jun-17 09:40:15

Pinkjellybeans I suggest your children only watch Peppa Pig then, they all seem to love fruit and veg. Of course, you must be willing to ignore the spoiled, obnoxious behaviour of Peppa and the rest...

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