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Get off the f****** game!

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Louiselouie0890 Sun 11-Jun-17 09:44:18

32 weeks pregnant since last night I've been coming down with something. Woke up feeling sick as a dog. OH been on nights. He came home at 6am and went straight on his game.

I woke at 8 with toddler and spoke to OH about how I felt. I said to him get some sleep then I'll go bed when your ok. So I'm downstairs entertaining a two year old not well. An hour later I hear banging text him asking what it was. He's still on his bastard game! Went up and tried saying get some sleep so I can then go bed. He starts shouting that he's not a child and he can do what he wants. AIBU?

Stormwhale Sun 11-Jun-17 09:46:09

My response to that would be, "as you don't want to sleep, you can now take over with the toddler as I need to go to bed. Thanks."

Mrsglitterfairy Sun 11-Jun-17 09:47:58

Yep I agree with storm.. if he's not tired he can look after toddler and you go back to bed

justkeepswimmingg Sun 11-Jun-17 09:52:29

Agree with Storm too. What an idiot. Hope you get more help with DC2 arrives flowers

Louiselouie0890 Sun 11-Jun-17 10:07:17

Thx guys. He's only normally on it in the evenings once toddlers in bed as he only does nights every now and again. Funnily enough he only ever uses the "I'm not a child" line when he's on with his friends, so I think it's a case of them being in his ear as they have no idea what it's like to have kids but then I think your an adult FFS lol
Near the end at 9am he said im finishing my game im tired but you go to fucking bed and I'll stay up then but then I know I'll hear about it for days on end. I just wanted him to sleep so he was ok and I could go upstairs and forget about the world lol 3 hours he was on it and I'm sat thinking that's 3 hours extra I'm gna have to stay up while you sleep. So I'm giving him till 2 and he can get up

PaulDacresFeministConscience Sun 11-Jun-17 10:23:44

Is he normally a wanker? So glad I'm not married to someone who prioritises gaming over his heavily pregnant and ill wife.

I appreciate he's been at work and gaming might be his way of unwinding after coming home, but we all have to grow up and make compromises and sacrifices - especially where there are children involved.

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