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I can't wait to go back on anti depressants

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KingLouisa Sat 10-Jun-17 08:55:54

Hello I stopped Prozac 2 years ago and my God it's hard. I'm pregnant so don't want to take anything but aibu to go back on them as soon as I give birth? I hate the way I feel without them. I have no energy I'm anxious abd obsessive and think everyone hates me

Chamomiletea Sat 10-Jun-17 08:57:28

Same as me - I went off sertraline while pregnant, my baby is 4 weeks old and I am just starting. Just remember the side effects when first going on though - I am finding it rough this time

WingsofNylon Sat 10-Jun-17 09:01:46

Why on earth would taking the medication you need be unreasonable? Discuss with your doctor and carry on.

Elizabethtailored Sat 10-Jun-17 09:22:52

I am struggling too having come of to try to conceive. Am so angry and anxious all the time. Losing my cool over the tiniest things and zero patience. I feel like a very bad mother.
Is anything safe to take during pregnancy?

BiscayTrafalgarFitzroy Sat 10-Jun-17 09:36:25

I went back on sertraline 4 weeks ago and I feel better than I have all year! This medicine has honestly given me my life back several times. I tried to come off it to TTC but my anxiety came back and I was miserable. After discussing with my GP, he is of the mind that the benefits of having a calm, non-anxious mother far outweigh the possible minimal risk to the baby from SSRIs. I've tried counselling, CBT, mindfulness etc and while useful, non really got to the root of the problem. There is no specific event or circumstances linked to my mental health problems. I really think for some of us, our brain just has a chemical imbalance and we're lucky there is a medicine we can take for this. I'm just so happy to feel like my non-anxious self again.

BiscayTrafalgarFitzroy Sat 10-Jun-17 09:41:50

I just wanted to add that studies have shown that stress in a mother can definitely have a negative impact on a developing baby but there is no definite evidence to show that SSRIs do. Obviously it's your choice but have a chat with your GP. It would be awful to suffer unnecessary.

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