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To ask those who voted Conservative if they are happy now?

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Elendon Fri 09-Jun-17 20:07:05

It seems to me that the current Government has asked a bit too much of their voters. I'm just wondering if those who voted Conservative if they are happy with the current outcome of the election.

BeyondThePage Fri 09-Jun-17 20:12:50

Nope, I'm not happy. But I voted for them, my MP got in, so there is very little else I personally could have done to bring about a different result.

I am disappointed, but life goes on.

Elendon Fri 09-Jun-17 20:15:23

Thank you for your reply and your honesty.

Abra1d Fri 09-Jun-17 20:15:37

Not happy but at least our mp was returned. Not sure about the DUP.

I thought having an election was a bad plan.

StillDrivingMeBonkers Fri 09-Jun-17 20:23:06

As I'm always at pains to point out , we vote by candidate by constituency. My MP was returned, so I'm happy.

I was never convinced the election was a particularly good idea, purely cause politics have been mighty peculiar this past year. Expect the unexpected.

Not happy about the DUP however, I respect the NI right to vote for whomsoever they want, this is a democracy and I assume we can keep them under control and really there was no alternative.

fuckwitery Fri 09-Jun-17 20:23:58

No. Am very cross. As with PPs above I voted Tory and my conservative mp retained his very safe seat.

I'm cross at TM. Her gamble was our gamble and she lost for all of us. When we need a strong political leadership and team the most, we go into negotiations with Brussels with a weak, demoralised bunch.

All so unnecessary and that's why I am cross.

And the DUP. WTAF!

VocalCat Fri 09-Jun-17 20:25:42

I wish I had because a Conservative majority would, in my opinion, be better than a Conservative/DUP coalition. I wish there hadn't been such a push for protest votes to keep the Conservatives out because I think it has resulted in the worst possible outcome for us.

Highalert Fri 09-Jun-17 20:26:29

I'm curious to know what Tory voters think of the DUP thing.

Livelovebehappy Fri 09-Jun-17 20:26:44

I'm not totally happy with the result, although the Tories did win I guess, and I voted for them, I just wish they had won those extra few seats to get the overall majority, and my local MP won too, so at least my vote counted. Got to admit Cornyn did a good campaign. We just have to get the DUP on board and get on with the Brexit negotiations now the GE is out of the way; onwards and upwards!

Tiredemma Fri 09-Jun-17 20:27:52

I'm also very curious to see what Tory voters make of the DUP cosy-up.

JamieXeed74 Fri 09-Jun-17 20:28:04

Sanguine. She got as many votes as TB and Mrs T did, but she is still the PM.... I feel she was damned if she did and damned if she didn't. Doesn't feel like much has changed.

StillDrivingMeBonkers Fri 09-Jun-17 20:28:15

A win is a win. That's the way I look at it.

Massive misjudgement however it was only ever going to go two ways wasn't it - massive landslide or not.

StillDrivingMeBonkers Fri 09-Jun-17 20:29:15

But seriously - she polled 2.5 million MORE votes than last time.

A win is a win.

User12345678912345 Fri 09-Jun-17 20:29:15

I voted labour, wish more people had. Sad sad day today sad but could've been worse I guess! wine

wherearemymarbles Fri 09-Jun-17 20:30:37

Doesnt matter who i voted for really as the incumbent has a massive massive majority which is unlikely to be overturned.

Wellysocksbox Fri 09-Jun-17 20:31:02

She's the Walking Dead. Stupid woman. It was a piss weak campaign.

fightoffyourdemons Fri 09-Jun-17 20:31:08

I'd be interested to know if the people who voted labour with the sole aim of getting a hung parliament or similar are happy?

In the most uncertain of times for us this has forced an alliance with the DUP which is not ideal in anyone's eyes.

Not a particularly impressive achievement in my eyes, all it's done is derailed a 'smooth' brexit, meaning we are somewhat at the will of the DUP and will most likely have to amend policies and brexit plans

It's all very cobbled together, confusing and uncertain for everyone involved, and all this at a time when we should have a strong (by strong I mean majority) leadership who can work towards a strong brexit and some sort of a plan to keep us all safe in our own country!

QIsForCube Fri 09-Jun-17 20:32:23

I'm happy the SNP MP was replaced by a conservative MP in my constituency. I'm not happy about the outcome at all, especially the DUP thing which on paper sounds bad but surely 10 of them aren't really going to have much of an impact, or are they? confused

Livelovebehappy Fri 09-Jun-17 20:32:37

Having the DUP on board is a necessary evil in afraid. We need them and I think they'll have minimal power anyway - just give us a little bit of leverege when needed in the House of Commons.

BuzzKillington Fri 09-Jun-17 20:33:40

Well, I am happy that our local MP was returned as he is great, and really happy that Corbyn didn't get in, but not happy with the lack of majority.

But, she did win!

HelenaDove Fri 09-Jun-17 20:34:31

fightoff It was TM who called the bloody election

StillDrivingMeBonkers Fri 09-Jun-17 20:34:35

So long as I don't have to go through another round of Brexit uncertainly again with people having hissy fits because they didn't win (I am a remainer, not a remoaner, I accept the result.) I sincerely hope we don't have the demos all over again >slump<

Highalert Fri 09-Jun-17 20:34:36

Don't blame Labour, they didn't call the election.

YogiYoni Fri 09-Jun-17 20:36:01

Not a particularly impressive achievement in my eyes, all it's done is derailed a 'smooth' brexit, meaning we are somewhat at the will of the DUP and will most likely have to amend policies and brexit plans
Good!!!! TM wanted a mandate for a hard brexit. She didn't get it. Good. She wanted a mandate to continue pushing through huge cuts to health and education. Didn't get it. Good. She's going to have to talk to other parties to get agreement now. Good. I am delighted with this result.

HelenaDove Fri 09-Jun-17 20:36:24

x post with Highalert.

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